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I’d only removed my jacket, shoes and socks and opened a few buttons on my shirt. I would’ve stripped down to my boxers, but thought that was a bit too much seeing as how she was already skittish.

I patted the bed next to me to fuck with her. “Didn’t you say you had an early day tomorrow?” She eyed the bed like it was the gateway to hell before looking around the room as if seeking an alternative.

“Come to bed Anna, I promise not to touch you.” I guess it said something when she sat on the edge of the bed two minutes later before lifting the sheet and getting in. Maybe she knew that I wasn’t so bad after all and she could trust me.

She did hug the edge of the bed for dear life, leaving an ample amount of room between us. I had a feeling if she had any extra pillows she would’ve made a barrier between us.

Chapter 17

She tossed and turned and fidgeted around for a good ten minutes before settling down. I didn’t stop holding my breath until I heard her breathing change minutes later. She’d fallen asleep.

I couldn’t believe how easy that was, almost too easy. I’d expected her to put up more of a fight. Or maybe she knew since I sent Tony home that there was no way for me to leave and I was stranded here.

Or maybe she was just tired. With her back turned to me I couldn’t see her face and I didn’t want to move lest I woke her ornery ass up. My ass was tired now too. I don’t have the energy to go another round with her tonight.

I thought for sure I’d spend the night sitting up watching her because I never sleep with anyone. It’s virtually impossible for me to sleep with someone else in bed with me. Trust issues I guess.

But the next thing I knew it was morning. I knew because the sun’s warmth was hitting me in the face. I was shocked into complete wakefulness.

I opened my eyes to find her staring at me. I thought I’d freak the fuck out at least a little bit at having done something I hadn’t been able to since I was a kid.

But instead it felt like the most natural thing in the world to wake up with her like this. Why did it feel so right? Of everyone I’d ever taken to bed she was the most likely to cut me in my damn sleep. Nut!

It suddenly registered that our faces were too close for me to still be in the same position as last night, and that’s when I realized that I was lying next to her with my arm thrown around her waist.

I didn’t move away which was my first instinct, but just laid there looking back at her. “Your watchdog is downstairs.” She didn’t pull out of my arms right away which was surprising.

“Who Tony?”

“You have more than one of those?” I quirked my brow at her. I see she even wakes up in bitch mode. Yeah me!

“I saw the car when I got up a little while ago to use the bathroom.” That would explain the minty fresh scent on her breath. Females!

I slid my arm from around her and headed into the bathroom myself, and used my fingers to brush my teeth and gargled with the Listerine she had sitting on the sink. This is what she’d brought me to.

I looked out the window on my way back and sure enough he was out there. That ass probably spent the night down there. Between these two I don’t know which one’s head is harder.

She got out of bed and went to pass me on her way to the kitchen. I grabbed her around the middle and pulled her back. “Good morning!”

I covered her lips with mine before she could object. The night was over and we were no longer in bed so I wasn’t breaking my promise not to touch.

She felt warm and soft from sleep and she was a damn sight more agreeable in the mornings. I put her back on her feet when I realized I’d lifted her to fit over my cock.

I was happy to see the glazed look in her eyes and was more than a little pleased that she still clung to me as if her knees were weak. I’ll be sure to kiss her more often. That seems to get the most

genuine response out of her.

“Go get dressed, I’ll take you to school.” She started to argue as usual, but thought better of it and headed off to the bathroom instead after grabbing her clothes.

There was coffee brewing in a pot on the small countertop and I searched through the cabinets until I found two mugs. I nosed around in there and was not pleased with the contents. A few packs of Ramen noodles and two cups of soup.