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“I’m working on it. You’ve seen the girl. Do you think it’s that easy to get her to do shit?”

“I can’t wait to meet your kids.” He shook his head as he drove off. Funny, a few days ago that crack would’ve made me twitchy, now it didn’t faze me one bit.

I made him come upstairs with me to use one of the spare bedrooms to sleep in since I didn’t trust him to drive any farther. Knowing him he’d stayed up half the night keeping watch.

While he slept I sat and thought about what I should do next. I’d never heard of anyone attending two top level schools at once, though the curriculum was so different. But more pressing for me was the burn out.

There’s no way she can keep that shit up without running herself into the ground. But with her temperament I couldn’t see an easy solution, something that wouldn’t start the next world war.

I remembered the way she looked this morning, all soft and sweet. The way she let me hold her, kiss her without giving me shit. I could definitely go for more mornings like that.

I looked around the kitchen, so much bigger than the little space at her place and tried to imagine her here. I could see the two of us sitting across from each other having breakfast together after a night of hot sex.

Well that shit had to show up sooner or later. It was hard not to imagine taking her to my bed. I’d done a good job these past couple of days of keeping that shit at bay, but deep down I knew, I think I always knew that’s where this was headed.

The attraction had been instantaneous but with all the other shit added in, I was kinda thrown off my game. Attraction I know, lust I understand, but this caring shit was all new to me.

And why in the fuck is life so fucked? The one woman I actually want more from is giving me the run around. That shit has never happened to me before.

I’m bombarded on a daily basis by females I wouldn’t feed to my dog if I had one. Had grown accustomed to having my pick whenever wherever. Who the fuck did I piss off to deserve her and her shit?

I couldn’t even find it in me to be mad at that shit. The truth is we’d come to a point where I knew I was going to have her. It was just a matter of when.

All the arguments in my head, the questioning myself, none of that mattered when held up against what was growing in me for her.

I think I’d lose my shit if she was no longer here to fight me at every turn. In the short time I’ve known her she’d worked her way inside me, deep inside where I’ve always been careful not to let anyone in ever.

She snuck in under my guard, leading with my feels before hitting the lust factor. Sneaky! Now she’s got me all tied up in knots and I can’t see anything else but her.

She’d already be gone had she been anyone else. This is about the time I usually grow tired of my latest bed toy and send them on their way. Now I’m the one with the fear of being left. Like hell!

I damn near panicked at the thought. She’s too unpredictable and taciturn by far. I’m gonna have to find a way to rein her ass in soon or go out of my damn mind. Fucking girl!

I was still sitting at the kitchen island sipping my third or fourth cup of coffee and pondering shit, when Tony walked in rubbing his eyes and headed for the fridge.

It wasn’t his first time spending the night at my place, it was like his second home. So it wasn’t surprising when he started getting shit ready to make breakfast.

“You figured it all out yet?”

“I can’t figure out shit, because I’m dealing with a crazy woman. If she were anyone else I’d have shit squared away by the end of the day, but this girl…”

“Since when have you let anything stop you?”

“Since this one seems like she’d kick me in the balls if I try to make her do anything.” I’m sure my assessment wasn’t too far off.

“And?” I glared at him as he cracked eggs into a bowl. They aren’t his balls so he can be blasé about that shit. He returned my glare with one of his stares as he chopped onions and peppers.

“The Max I know would’ve already taken her out of there. You’ve done more for people you care less about.” His hardheaded ass!

“I know that, don’t you think I know that. But I get the feeling if I don’t handle this shit right it will blow up in my face.” And that was the problem. I’m not used to having to think things through this hard before acting.