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Her brother looked over at us once or twice with a smile before turning back to the screen and I took that as his nod of approval.

If anyone had told me a few months ago that my life would become this scene of fucked up domesticity I would’ve laughed their ass to scorn.

I have to rethink my past disdain for anyone who claimed to know their life mate at first sight or any of the other shit I once dismissed as total bullshit.

Sure as fuck my chickens had come home to roost. With my luck I’ll end up being the biggest sap of all. I know for a fact that she was going to run circles around my ass. Hadn’t I already started changing who I am to fit in with her fuckery?

I would’ve been satisfied to sit there for the rest of the night with her in my arms, but I knew she must be tired. Damn girl literally goes until she drops.

I know only too well what danger there is in that. I’d seen mom hit the wall more than once. If this one thinks I’m going to watch her do that shit to herself then she’s in for a rude awakening. Damn, this being honest with yourself shit is liberating as fuck.

Yep, I’ll give her the time she needs sure, but I’m not going to be twiddling my thumbs in the meantime. While she’s putting me through my paces I’m going to be working on her ass as well.

No way am I jumping off that cliff by myself. I’m dragging her ass kicking and screaming right along with me. I looked down at her sleeping angelic face, what a con.

She looked like the sweetest little thing when those fire orbs were closed. Heaven knows what hell she’s going to put me through come tomorrow. I smiled when I realized I couldn’t wait. Knowing her it won’t be anything near normal.

“I’m putting your sister to bed, she’s beat.” I lifted her in my arms and took her to her room. I had a hard time letting her go, even gave serious thought to taking her to my bed to sleep.

In the end I put her beneath the covers before stepping back to look down at her. I felt more at ease than I had since she first walked through the doors of the club. When she first zapped me.

My heart squeezed at the thought of all she’d been through, my poor baby. At least tonight I knew that she was safe. And I plan to make sure that she stays that way no matter what.

I brushed my fingers through her hair and wondered how long it would be before my heart stopped doing that little jig in my chest whenever I touch her.

I couldn’t resist planting one last soft kiss on her pretty lips before turning for the door. The kid was standing there watching us. Silent creeper!

I felt a little uncomfortable by his presence until he nodded his head and left the doorway, heading for his room down the hall. I had to respect his dedication to his sister.

I closed down everything and made sure the security system was engaged even though I didn’t expect trouble to find us in my home. But because she was here I went the extra mile just to be on the safe side.

I went to bed not long after and sat up for the longest time just thinking, planning; plotting. I had a lot going on in my mind, a lot I needed to take care of.

I have to see about getting the kid in school as soon as possible, so that she didn’t worry herself to death. But I also need to find a way to ease up her workload. I won’t watch her work herself into the ground.

I also worried about the story the kid had told me, especially what had happened with their mother. Had she dealt with it or had she pushed it aside to deal with everything else? I’m more inclined to believe the latter. She was just that type.

I’m not good with emotion, in fact I haven’t the foggiest idea how to deal with a woman for anything more than sex. As a teen I’d been too preoccupied with football and the burning need to escape poverty.

Whatever flings I had were usually short lived once the female in question realized she wasn’t my number one priority. I can’t blame it all on the game, it so happens I had roving eyes even then.

Other than a son’s love for his mother, I’ve never felt for a female in my life. This would be so much easier if I could deal with her the way I do everything else. Just take charge and make her do everything my way, but I’m sure the pain in the ass won’t let me.