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I was back to feeling like a fish that fell out the damn bowl. I haven’t the foggiest idea how to woo someone, especially someone who’d been so grievously hurt.

My mind was working overtime as we drove back to the apartment. One thing was certain, it was obvious that she loved dancing, her whole personality changes.

From what Travis had said she’d dropped it to take up engineering because it was more stable. That is my first clue. She needs security. That’s also the reason she’s been pushing herself so hard. If I can get around that it’ll be smooth sailing.

All the way up in the elevator, as the three of them talked, I was thinking. I had what I thought might be the perfect solution, but knew before I said anything that she wouldn’t go for it that easy. I’m gonna have to trick her ass somehow.

I let go of her hand to open the door only then realizing that I’d been holding it the whole time since we left the car. What was more surprising is the fact that she let me.

She walked down the hallway to her room while the others headed for the media room arguing about some shit. I was going to corner her in her room and question her, but I heard the shower running in her private bathroom when I reached the door.

I didn’t even think twice when I walked in and picked up the ugly jacket off the bed where she’d dropped it. I walked back down the hallway and dropped it onto Tony’s lap.

“Get rid of that!” He looked from it to me and shook his head. “You never do shit the easy way do you?” He checked the pockets and found them empty before heading for the door.

“Wait a minute.” I don’t trust his ass one bit. I wasn’t too sure whose side he was on in this fucking circus. I grabbed a knife from the kitchen and ripped that shit to shreds before passing it back to him.

“Damn, you’re paranoid.”

“Yeah, but you knew exactly what I was thinking didn’t you?” Like I don’t know him. He already admitted that he likes her, which means like he does with mom, he’ll take her side in everything even if she’s wrong.

I headed back to her room to wait for her to finish up in the shower. She screamed bloody murder when she came out wrapped in a towel and saw me sitting on her bed.

“You… what are you doing in here?” She held the towel for dear life and her whole body went red. I turned away to make her feel comfortable, but not before getting an eyeful of leg.

“Go ahead, I’m not looking.” I heard her rummage through the drawers and was pleased that she’d at least unpacked. Then again that might not mean anything. There’re people who unpack in hotels.

She went back into the bathroom and came out minutes later dressed in sweats and a tank, looking cute as hell. The edges of her hair were wet and soft around her face and the ponytail only made her look more adorable.

I couldn’t resist running my finger down her cheek when she got closer. “How was your day, baby?” She frowned at the endearment, but didn’t move away.

“My day was fine; how did you guys find me?” Like I was going to tell her that shit. Who knows when I might need that trick again. I just tapped the side of my head and smiled at her.

She moved towards the door and I pulled her back, standing her between my spread thighs with her hands held firmly in mine as I sat on the bed. She tried pulling away.

“Stop struggling, I’m not gonna pounce on you with your brother and my best friend in the next room.” What does she take me for?

“Tell me about that place. I’m guessing it’s a school of some sort?”

“Why do you want to know? Why are you so

interested in my life?” Aggravating twit. Hadn’t she heard anything I said last night?

“Because I wanna fuck you that’s why.” I was in no mood to play around with her stubborn ass, not on this. I’m not about to let her hurt herself. If her mouth fell any lower she’d lick the damn floor.

“Isn’t that what you wanted to hear, what you expect, what you believe? Why so shocked then?”

Why is she able to piss me off so easily? Just a few words from her and I’m ready to chew nails. “You want to start this conversation over again? And this time just answer the damn question. Damn!”

She pouted and looked like I’d expect our daughter to look after a scolding if we had one. That thought almost derailed me for a second, but I reminded myself that her young brother was in the other room, and besides, I’d made a promise.