Page 11 of His Hostage

“Yeah, he’s greedy. We need more than two inking companies and as you can see I’m big enough.” His words sound tired as he says them. “This is the first weekend I haven’t had this place working overtime in months.” He shakes his head. “Watch your step.”

He nods toward the ground, and I look down to see we are about to go up metal steps. I follow him up and his hand still holds mine as he uses the other to unlock a door. He pulls me in with him and locks the door behind him. I walk over to the giant glass window that overlooks the whole factory below before Cooper pulls a thick curtain to cover it.

“You don’t want to grow bigger?”

“No, I’m big enough. I already work too damn much as it is.” His laugh is a little self-deprecating. “Other people can have companies too; I don’t have to be the only one.”

I look around his office and see there are piles of folders and invoices all over his desk. My gaze flicks back to Cooper as he pulls his shirt off over his head and my eyes widen as I take in his broad, muscular chest. I don’t think he’s working behind that desk much. Jesus, he’s hot. I guess if I’m being held against my will, at least it’s a nice view.

“I’m tired, buttercup,” he tells me. “I need sleep, but I can’t chance you trying to take off.”

“What does it matter? I’m not going to run to Monte and tell him it was you that took his money.” I don’t say “stole” this time. Besides, I think we all know at this point Monte wants me dead. I guess Cooper thinks I’m still with Monte, but we’re both only going off the other’s word at this point. “I just want to get the hell out of Dodge.”

Maybe I can still make it back to my place. I don’t have much of a choice because I need my money if want out. How else am I going to get a train or bus ticket out of here? I have a feeling that might not be an option.

“It matters because you’ll get yourself killed.” My eyes leave his bare chest to lock with his. Is that really his concern?

“Not that I might tell Monte it was you?” I ask, and he shakes his head. He reaches for a shelf on the wall and I watch as he pulls it down, revealing a bed.

“I need some shut-eye,” he says, lying down and patting the bed next to him.

I can’t believe it, but I move over to the bed and lie down with him. I feel bad because I know he needs sleep and I probably need it, too. Maybe once I get some I can get my head on straight.

I’m on my side and I begin to freeze when he pulls a blanket over me then wraps his big body around mine.

“This way I’ll know if you try and leave.” He throws his leg over me, too, and I’m trapped below him. I use the word “trapped,” but God does it feel nice having him pressed into me. He buries his face into my neck and his warm breath is against my skin. “I’ll keep you safe,” I think I hear him say before sleep takes me under.

Chapter Six


I’m dreaming about Jules and me being snowed in at a cabin in the middle of nowhere. She’s naked under a blanket with fur and just as she’s about to pull it back and show me her body I jerk awake.

I realize then I’m on my back with my hand stuffed down my pants and Jules isn’t in the bed next to me. She’s on the other side of the room sitting at my desk, but she’s watching me with her mouth open.

I’m so stunned that she hasn’t tried to run away and by the fact that my hand is wrapped tight around my thick dick that I just lie there frozen in place.

“I couldn’t sleep any longer.” Her voice is soft and I watch as she licks her lips. “I thought I would help you do some of the paperwork. I learned how and I’m pretty good at it, and it’s obvious you need someone to do it.”

She’s rambling nervously and I can’t find the strength inside of me to take my hand off my cock. The dream was too fucking good and now I wake up with her in front of me, warm and in the flesh. Having her soft curves next to me brought forward all the fantasies I’ve been suppressing since I first saw her.

“You were still sleeping pretty hard and I didn’t want to wake you up because I knew you needed it.” She licks her lips again and my hand glides up and down my length involuntarily. Her breath catches, but she doesn’t look away as she watches my every move. “Do you want some privacy?”