Page 12 of His Hostage

“No,” I say, and my voice is gravelly and unused with sleep. A grunt escapes me as I thrust up into my hand and squeeze the base of my cock.

What I want to do is push my pants down and jack off like I would if I was here by myself, but something about Jules is so innocent and sweet that I can’t do that. Not yet. I don’t want to scare her away and I can see in her eyes that she’s curious.

“Come sit on the bed.” My directions are firm and my words are clear. To my great pleasure she stands up from my desk and slowly walks over.

She’s hesitant as she looks down at it and I can sense her unease starting to creep in.

“It’s okay, buttercup. I’m not asking you to step in and play, just have a seat and watch me.”

She nods slowly as she sits down on the edge of the bed and faces me. My hand begins to work up and down inside my pants and she watches me as her eyes move up my bare chest. When her tongue darts out and wets her bottom lip, I groan.

“Do you like watching?” I ask as my hand squeezes harder and I try to imagine what it would be like to have her wrapped around me.

“Yes.” The word is soft but true, and I can see how much she likes it when her eyes lock with mine.

“Are you wet?” Her cheeks flush and I smile, already knowing the answer.

“Yes.” She tucks her chin and looks away, but she can’t do it for long.

She’s peeking over at me though her lashes and I can tell she has questions of her own.

“I dreamed about you,” I offer and her mouth falls open again.

“Liar.” She narrows her eyes and I shake my head.

“You were by the fire like last night, but you were naked under a blanket.” My breath catches when I see her fingers dig into the sheet on the bed and she leans closer. “That’s why I woke up like this.”

“Because of me?” Her voice is disbelieving and I reach out with my free hand and take hers.

“Because of you,” I confirm, threading my fingers through hers, and I keep jerking off with my other one.

Cum leaks out and I use it to lube myself up as I climb closer to my orgasm.

“I don’t know what to say.” Again her voice is so soft and shy, but it only gets me hotter.

“You don’t have to say anything. Just let me look at you.” My eyes move down her neck and to her chest, where I see her breasts pushing against the silk blouse she’s wearing.

To my utter shock she reaches up and unbuttons the front a little and holds it out for me to peek inside. The peach lace is delicate against her tanned skin and it’s so soft and feminine. It’s such a simple show of herself, but somehow it feels like she’s baring it all to me. The hint of what’s to come is too much and I growl as I release into my hand.

“Fuck,” I curse, watching her breath catch and her mouth open as she watches me come undone in front of her.

I’m gasping for air as she looks away and I hate that her eyes aren’t on me anymore. I grab my T-shirt that’s at the foot of the bed and use it to clean myself up. When I look at her she’s got her back to me and she’s buttoning up her shirt.

“Hey.” I reach out and touch her arm and she looks over her shoulder at me. “Thank you for that.” I give her my cocky smile and I see her try to fight her own. “Maybe next time I can return the favor.”

When she flushes scarlet, I wink at her and jump up from the bed.

“Now tell me what kind of mess you made out of my desk.”

I don’t want it to be awkward between us, and I know if we sit here and dissect what just happened it will somehow take away how special it was. She might not realize it, but that was pretty fucking heavy for me and I don’t want her to tell me she regrets it.

“Mess?” She rolls her eyes as she gets up and points to the piles of papers. “This is called organization. You should try it some time.”

I glance around at what was once a disaster zone and is now a perfectly organized area that’s neat and easy to navigate. She must be some kind of witch because I’ve been doing this for years and I’ve never seen the bottom of my desk. I honestly forgot there was one under all that shit.

“Maybe you can come work for me and show me how it’s done,” I offer as I step in front of her. She starts to shake her head and protest, but I grab her chin. “I didn’t mean today. But I figured while I have you under my protection, maybe you could teach me the ways of your paperwork skills.”