Page 13 of His Hostage

“I could probably point out a few things.” She shrugs her shoulder like it’s no big deal and I smile at her.

“Thanks, buttercup.” I step back and walk past her as I grab my keys. “But first we need to get you some clothes because I think the both of us could use a shower.”

“Where are we going?”

I like that she didn’t tell me no right away and instead agreed to come with me. She’s starting to realize that getting away from me is not an option.

“I’m pretty sure your place is being watched, so how about we hit a small shop in town? I don’t think anyone will suspect you of taking the day to browse for new shoes. Do you?”

“You’re probably right,” she answers as she looks down at herself. “It would be nice to get out of these clothes.”

I walk up to her and put my arm around her waist as I pull her close. “Buttercup, any time you’re ready to undress just say the word.”

I can’t help myself and I lean in close next to her ear. I run my nose along the shell of it before I place a soft kiss just below it and take a step back. She stands there dazed for a long moment before I take her hand and we walk down to my car.

Chapter Seven


“Aren’t you scared I’m going to try and get away?” I ask Cooper as we drive back toward the city and out of the warehouse district.

To be honest I don’t think I can get away. Where would I go? He already said someone was watching my place and he’s probably right. Monte would do anything to get his money back, so I’m better off sticking to Cooper’s side. After the show this morning it might not be such a terrible place to be. My body still aches with need, but I’m too shy to ask him to take care of that for me and it will only make the situation worse. Cooper is charming and sexy, but those quick smiles of his are killer. He’s a heartbreak waiting to happen.

“I look big, but I’m fast; you can try though.” He winks and I fight not to melt. “I’m always down for a good chase.”

I lock my thighs together as I think about what it would be like for him to chase me down. My arousal from earlier gets worse and I’m going to need new panties. I still can’t believe I busted him jacking off as I was trying to organize his desk. I’m not sure “busted” is the right word for it because he didn’t look like he cared that I caught him. He all but invited me to join him and before my brain could catch up to what I was doing I was moving across the room to the bed. I unbuttoned my top to turn him on more and to tease him.

“I’m not going to run.” I let out a long sigh as I try and get my raging lust under control. There are bigger things at play here and I guess I’m along for the ride now. “It’s not as though I have anywhere to go.”

I look out the window because when I look at him I forget about everything else. I need to remember two men are out there trying to find me. God knows what they’ll do to me if that happens and the thought helps cool the lust simmering inside.

“You don’t have any family?” he asks, and I shake my head. “No ID either, buttercup.”

I can feel his eyes on me, and I realize he went through my purse. I have a driver’s license. I just don’t keep it on me. It’s stashed with the small amount of money I kept hidden at my place. God forbid one day I get in an accident and go to the hospital. I’m sure with Warren it would have only taken someone typing my name into a system or database and he’d be here.

“Maybe I should be the one asking if Jules is your real name.”

“Julian is what my birth certificate says,” I admit. “Jules kind of stuck over the years.” I didn’t try and change my name. Jules felt common enough when I went on the run and I keep my last name to myself. Monte knows it because I thought I could trust him and now I worry what he might do with that information.

“I guess I should have asked this before,” he mumbles under his breath. “There isn’t someone Monte can go after to try and hurt you, is there?”

“Like I said, no family.”

Normally that thought doesn’t bother me because I’m used to it. I don’t have any friends either, but seeing Cooper with the friends he called his family last night pulled at something inside of me. They all had each other’s backs and I bet if I had someone like them in my life maybe I wouldn’t have had to run from my old one. These men took the law into their own hands and maybe it isn’t right by everyday standards, but if anyone knows that trying to do the right thing can get you nowhere, it’s me. Warren got to break the rules and get away with it.