Page 17 of His Hostage

Once we’re all checked in, we get our keys and make our way up.

“The top floor? Are you sure that’s safe?” Jules asks when I hit the button.

“Only the best for you, buttercup.” She rolls her eyes again, but I like it when she does that. She’s a smartass but she means it in a playful way.

When we go inside it’s spacious with a living room and an attached bedroom. There’s a big bathroom with a large tub and separate shower. I drop our bags and pull my shirt off as I kick off my boots.

“I don’t know about you, but I need a damn shower.” She stares at me as I drop my shirt on the floor and my hands go to the button on my jeans. “You coming or not?”

“Y-you want me—” She points to her chest as she looks behind me. “To shower with you?”

“Get your clothes off, buttercup,” I say as I push down my jeans and underwear and stand there naked in front of her. My cock is long and thick as it stands up and proudly points at her. “I need you to come do my back.”

I turn around and walk into the shower without looking over my shoulder. I know that this is probably heavy for her, but she needs to focus on something else besides being stalked by a madman. If that means me getting naked and showing her my cock, then so be it.

Chapter Nine


I stand there shocked as Cooper’s naked ass walks away from me and he steps into the shower. The door is made of glass, but it’s fogged up and I can’t see inside. The image of him naked and hard is burned into my brain forever and I stand there motionless as I think about what to do next.

This has all been such a whirlwind with so many highs and lows, but the only thing I can focus on is getting in that damn shower. My body has been on edge since I watched Cooper pleasure himself and I’m not missing an opportunity to see what else he might be willing to do.

I strip off my dirty work clothes and toss them in a pile next to the garbage. I don’t think I’ll ever want those things back after all they’ve been through. I pull my hair out of the loose ponytail, which was useless since most of my hair had already fallen out of it. I stand there with nothing on and take a breath to steady myself.

“You can do this,” I whisper as I walk into the bathroom and open the shower door.

Steam and fog come rolling out and I gasp as Cooper reaches for me and pulls me flush against his warm, wet body.

“Took you long enough.”

He holds me under the spray and I lean my head back. I moan at the feeling of hot, cleansing water washing over me as his big hands move up and down my body. The fresh scent of citrus steams around me as Cooper washes my body.

“Oh God, that feels so good.” I close my eyes and rinse my face just as his hands move over my breasts and down my stomach.

When his soapy hands move between my legs I gasp but spread them wider so he can get to all of me.

His quick fingers spread my folds as he moves over my clit and then back to my ass. He teases both of my openings before he moves his hand away and rinses me off.

My hips rock toward his hard cock that pushes against my belly, and when I open my eyes I see a hunger on his face that’s never been so strong. He’s looking at me like he wants to consume me and it’s so powerful it nearly knocks me over.

“Cooper,” I whisper just before his lips come crashing down on mine.

I open for him and his tongue slips in, warm and wet against mine. The shower sprays between us as he holds my face and kisses me like a man that’s just come home from the war. He’s desperate and starving and I have no choice but to give in.

“More,” he demands, and all I can do is press my back against the wall and spread my legs.

He kisses his way down to my breasts, where he stops and takes his time. He sucks on my nipples and the sensation is unlike anything I’ve ever felt. My own hands never had this kind of impact and feeling his rough strong fingers plucking at my nipples has me more excited than I ever thought possible.

When his mouth moves lower and across my belly, I squirm with anticipation and nervousness. “Cooper,” I call out again and I want to kick myself for only being able to say his name. I’m so far gone; I’m completely out of my depth when it comes to things like this.