Page 18 of His Hostage

“Will it make you feel better if I tell you what I’m going to do?” he asks as he kneels down on the tile floor and kisses me just below my belly button.

“I don’t know. Maybe?” I laugh, and I can feel his smile against me as he begins to kiss me lower.

“Let’s try this.” He puts one of my legs over his shoulder and spreads me wide. “I’m going to eat your pretty little pussy until you come on my face.”

“Oh shit,” I breathe, looking down at him as he licks his lips.

“And then I’m going to fuck you.” There’s not a trace of hesitation in his voice as he moves closer and looks up at me. “A lot.”

I gasp when his tongue makes contact with my clit and I cry out. My voice echoes in the shower, but the sound only spurs him on as he licks me all over. I feel his strong grip on my thighs as his fingers dig in and he holds me tight. I can’t move as the pleasure radiates through my body and my entire world is focused on this moment. There is nowhere else I want to be than right here with Cooper and in his arms.

My mind spins as heat spreads through my arms and legs and my lower half throbs with the beat of my heart. It’s pure desire that rushes through my blood and I’ve never felt something so good before.

“Goddamn, you taste good,” he says before he buries his face once again and his thick fingers push inside me.

I cry out, my back arching, and I squeeze tight around him. His fingers thrust in and out and I’m so full as he stretches me and tries to make them fit. My body is screaming for release at the same time it’s trying to understand what this new invasion is. It’s confused, but Cooper is doing it all so perfectly that I can’t focus on just one thing at a time.

When I can’t take any more, a hot wave of pleasure builds up inside me and I cry out, feeling it release. The sweet pulse of pleasure flows over me as my climax takes over and I give in to it. Even before it’s over I know I’m instantly addicted.

I gasp when I realize Cooper is standing in front of me and lifting me up in his arms. My legs are weak, but somehow I manage to wrap around him as he grips my ass.

“I didn’t want to stop.” When he kisses me I can taste the tang of myself on his lips and somehow it makes me even hotter. “But I want all of you, Jules.”

His cock slides between my lips and across my clit. I cry out and he does it again.

“Tell me you want this just as much as I do.” He’s looking into my eyes and he’s waiting for me to answer. “Tell me you feel what’s happening between us. That this is real.”

“I’ve never done this before,” I admit and he nods. “But I’ve never felt this way before with anyone.”

His cock teases at my opening and I slide down just the barest of inches onto him.

“You’re mine,” he says, kissing me, and then he slides deeper. “Go ahead and get used to it, buttercup. You’re not going anywhere.”

His nickname for me makes me smile and I bite my bottom lip as I look up at him. “There’s nowhere else I’d rather be.”

When I say the words out loud, I realize how true they really are. From the moment I met Cooper I’ve been plotting how to get away from him, but in reality I’ve been getting closer to him. I don’t want to leave his side now or ever, and when I’m with him I feel safe. For the first time in my life I’ve made the right decision when it comes to trusting someone and I know that he really is one of the good guys.

He grunts just as his thick cock surges into me and I bury my face in his neck. My breath catches in my throat. His fingers didn’t prepare me for the size of his cock and how damn full he would make me. I can feel him hot and hard inside of me and there’s not a part of me that’s not connected to him right now. I’m clinging to his body as he holds me against the cool tile and kisses me all over.

“So fucking perfect,” he says softly. I feel his strong hands everywhere and he holds himself still.

He’s so patient as he waits for me to adjust to his massive size and does everything he can to help ease the pain. It only pinched for a second, but my body is in shock with this new revelation. Having his cock in me feels so damn good I don’t want him to leave even for just a second to pull out. I grind down on him and it’s his turn to gasp as I squeeze him and rub my clit on his shaft.