Page 19 of His Hostage

“Make love to me, Cooper,” I whisper and run my tongue along the shell of his ear.

“If I die on the floor of the shower, please tell my brothers that it was after hours and not ten seconds of being inside you.”

I start to laugh, but his thrust turns it into a moan. I look into his eyes and we move together and it’s so intense I can feel tears form in my eyes. Never have I had this connection with anyone before, but with Cooper it feels right.

When I think about his bare cock inside me I realize that neither of us talked about protection or what could happen from this. As if he can read my mind, he shakes his head and leans in close.

“I’m not pulling out.”

I nod once in confirmation, and somehow him telling me what’s going to happen gets me even hotter than before. I clench around him, needing to feel it happen as my excitement climbs.

With every thrust, his cock glides against my clit and it only takes him a few pumps before I’m right on the edge. I look down to where we’re connected, and seeing him disappear inside me is almost too much.

“I’m-I think—” is all I can manage before my orgasm shoots through me like a train and I have no time to brace myself for the impact. It’s hot and fast and different than when he went down on me before. I’m not prepared for how good it will feel and then it’s followed by his hot cum pumping inside me.

“Fuck!” he shouts, pressing me to the wall and holding me there with his body.

I can feel the big muscles in his back tighten and flex as wave after wave of heat pours into me. It’s spreading between us and I’m sure it’s all over him just like I can feel it spreading on me. The thought of me being covered in his cum sends another wave of pleasure through me and I clench around his cock.

“Quit that, buttercup,” he laughs as he leans back and looks into my eyes. “I can hardly stand up and I don’t want to drop you.”

“Put me down.” I wiggle, but he shakes his head.

“I told you, I’m not ever letting you go.”

Chapter Ten


I jerk awake and sit up on the bed as panic hits me.

“Buttercup.” Two warm hands cup my face as my eyes try to adjust to the dim light of the room.

“You left,” I whisper. I felt his body move away from mine at some point and for a moment I thought it was all a dream.

“I got out of bed a little while ago. I wanted to order some food for when you woke up.”

I smile as I turn my face in his hand and breathe him in and kiss his palm. “I told you, I’m not letting you go.”

He leans in and touches his lips to mine and I settle into him. My speeding heart slows, knowing he’s here and my panic fades away quickly. I don’t know how he does it, but he always calms me.

“Let me get the door, buttercup. I’d take you with me, but you’re naked and I’m the only one that sees this ass.”

I smile against his neck before he lets go of me and gets up. I fall back into the bed and pull the covers over me. I snuggle down, smiling bigger as I listen to him talk to whoever is dropping off the food. A moment later the bedding is being pulled off and Cooper stands over the bed looking down at me.

“Better get it while it’s hot or I’m coming into bed to eat you instead.”

I roll to my back and all thoughts of food are gone. My body buzzes thinking about the pleasure he gave me and I would be down for that over food. His eyes roam over my naked body as I spread my thighs in invitation.

“Fuck, buttercup. I need to feed you.”

I watch an inner battle play across his face. He’s not sure what to do and I think he’s going to make me get up, but after a moment he places a knee on the bed. He grabs my ankle and pulls me down to him in one soft tug. I gasp as he comes down over me and I’m shocked by how fast he moves.

“I’ll eat you first,” he says before he kisses me.

I’m sure it’s going to be hard and fast, but it’s not. It is so sweet I close my eyes and sigh because the things this man does to me make me feel so special. I’ve gone from being his hostage to never wanting to be without him. I’m not sure how I’ve been living without him all this time. He settles something deep inside of me and when he says he feels it too, I know I’m not going crazy. This is all real and this need to be with him overrides everything else. Tears sting my eyes and I fight them back, not wanting to get caught up in that. I’m going to enjoy this and savor all I can of Cooper. I’ve finally found a good man and I don’t want to waste a moment of it.