Page 21 of His Hostage

I want to leave everything else behind and start fresh with him without baggage from my past. I need a few things from my place like my birth certificate and identification. I also want the necklace my grandpa gave me before he passed. I was only a little girl when he gave it to me, but it’s the only thing I have left of him. He’s been the only person to really care about me, and even though I was little I knew he loved me. I wore the necklace every day until Warren ripped it from my neck. I got it back but it’s broken and I haven’t had the money or time to get it fixed. I kept it hidden with my identification and money and I can’t leave it behind.

I slowly sit up and look down at Cooper, who’s fast asleep. Who would have thought it would go from him pulling a knife on me to falling in love with him? That’s what this has to be. I’m head over heels in love with Cooper Ross. I want to find a place for us to live together and meet his mom for dinner. I want all the normal things that couples do and I want a family someday.

My hand drifts to my stomach and I think about the fact that I could be pregnant right now. We took a risk having sex without protection, but maybe risk isn’t the right word. In the moment we both wanted it and I still do. Seeing Mags pregnant with her husband messed with my ovaries.

I lean down and kiss Cooper softly before getting up from the bed. I go for the bags of clothes and grab something black so I know it will help me stay hidden. I’m going to try and slip into my old place and get out as fast as I can. I won’t be gone long and I know I’m not falling asleep anytime soon.

This could be the one thing I take care of for us. Once I have my stuff I can let Cooper do whatever it is he has planned. I can tell he has something going on and no one will notice if I’m gone for a quick second.

I give him one last look and silently leave our room. It’s not until I get to my old place that I realize the error of my decision.

Chapter Eleven


I jolt awake and look around the room for Jules. The room is too quiet and it’s not big enough to disguise her for long.

“Jules,” I call out, but I already know she isn’t here. “Shit.”

When I look around I see that the one of the bags of clothes I brought in is open and she’s gone through it. She probably took some things out of it and left. Where the hell would she go and why would she leave?

I grab my phone, but there’s no way for me to call her. I don’t have any way to track her and there are plenty of people out there looking to find her. I go to my contacts and hit the first on the list.

“Coop,” Walsh says sharply, and I hear some noise in the background. “You’re about twelve hours early.”

“Change of plans,” I say as I pull on some jeans and grab my boots. “She’s gone.”

There’s a pause on the other end before he speaks again. “Did she leave or did she get taken?”

“I don’t fucking know!” I yell, and I realize that I’m beginning to lose control.

“Take a breath, Coop. We’ll find her.” I nod, but it’s more to myself as I grab my keys and run out of the hotel. “Meet us at the spot. I’ll call the boys.”

“Thanks,” is all I manage to say as I go to the front desk and double check that they haven’t seen Jules.

I don’t know how anyone could miss a woman so beautiful, but they’re unhelpful and if Jules was the one to make the decision to leave then there would have been no stopping her. She would have found a way to get around their prying eyes and would avoid any suspicion.

When I get to my car, I realize the only place I can think she would take off to would be her apartment. If that’s the case then Monte would be there waiting and if I go in now, guns blazing, it could just be another trap.

“Fuck,” I yell as I slam my hand on the steering wheel. “What the fuck were you thinking, Jules?”

I wish I could have explained to her how dangerous it was to leave my side, but if she left on her own and wasn’t taken then she had a good reason. It might have not made sense to me and maybe that’s why she snuck out, but she had a reason.