Page 32 of His Hostage

I look at the people around them and I recognize most of them. My eyes zero in on some guy who looks barely old enough to be in the bar. Grayson looks more like a man than this kid, but his face seems familiar.

“Who’s that?” I point to the boy watching my wife too closely.

“That’s Dean and Kim’s boy, Sam,” Levi says and it clicks.

I’d forgotten about the kid. I thought he was off at college or something. They only had one child since both of them worked in my warehouse.

“Jules babysat him a few times,” I recall.

She was always good with kids. Sometimes some of the workers would get in a bind and have to bring their children with them to work. Jules always let them come up to the office and hang with her. The warehouse wasn’t a safe place for kids to be running around in and my wife always had a soft spot for little ones. And an even bigger one for moms who were actually trying, which was so unlike her own. Still, even knowing who the kid is, I don’t like the way he’s looking at my Jules.

“Think Sam has a thing for the babysitter?” Jonas jokes, and I grit my teeth.

“Didn’t you sleep with your babysitter?” Levi looks over at Walsh, and I’m going to fucking lose my mind in a second.

“I’ll punch you right in the mouth,” Walsh says to him, pointing a finger.

I reach out and grab Walsh’s shoulder so he doesn’t hurt Levi.

Walsh’s babysitter did try and sleep with him when he was about fifteen. She was there to watch Walsh’s sister and that shit did not end well because Walsh has only ever been with one girl and will only ever be with one girl. The two of them have been going strong since the third grade when she moved to town and he declared he was going to marry her. Which he did as soon as they were both old enough.

I watch on the video as Sam gets up from his seat and heads for my wife.

“I’m done,” I say, heading for the stairs.

“Thank fuck I wasn’t the first to cave this time,” I hear Track say from behind me.

I know they’re all following me, and when we walk outside everyone jumps into their own trucks and we head to the bar. I curse myself for getting a house a little ways out because it takes almost fifteen minutes before I’m pulling up to the bar. I take no time getting in there once I’m parked.

I swear she can sense me. I haven’t even gotten to her yet and she’s turning from Sam to lock eyes with mine. A smile spreads across her face and I clear the distance between us in two long strides. I pull my wife up from her seat and she wraps her arms around me. I give Sam a hard stare and he books it out of here.

“That Sam just cost me fifty bucks, didn’t he?” she asks against my neck where she’s burying her face. She gives me a small kiss there before pulling back to look up at me. “You broke first. Damn it, I was sure I was going to win.”

“Kiss me and tell me what you’re talking about.” She starts to open her mouth to speak. “In that order.”

She fights a smile and I bury my hands in her soft hair and press my lips to hers. When I pull back, her lips are swollen and her eyes are filled with lust.

“Now tell me.” I loosen my hold on her so I can sit down on the stool and pull her onto my lap. I might have shown up on girls’ night, but that doesn’t mean the night has to end. I’ll sit here all night if that’s what she wants to do.

“I bet Mags that Track would break first,” she admits. “It was worth the fifty though. I’ve been missing you all night.”

Neither of us like being apart—never have. We know how scary it is to be separated.

“Love you, buttercup.”

“I love you, too, Cooper.” She brings her mouth to my ear. “When we get home I wanna be your hostage,” she says, and my cock jerks under her ass.

I fight not to slide my hand up her dress because there are too many people watching and I don’t want anyone seeing those sweet, sexy faces she makes when I play with her pussy.

“Anything you want, buttercup.”

She might have started out as my hostage, but I made sure she never wanted to leave.