Page 6 of His Hostage

“Oh my.” I freeze when I realize he’s in front of my face and he’s got the brightest green eyes I’ve ever seen. He gives me a crooked smile and I see a dimple form on one cheek. I’m guessing he’s gotten this reaction from women before.

His short brown hair is a little messy, but even that makes him look hot. There’s something wrong with me because I should not be thinking about how handsome my kidnapper is.

“I’m not kidnapping you. I’m saving you.”

His smile is bigger now and I realize that I said that out loud. And I also realize that the thing digging into my ass is his incredibly hard erection.

“Sorry,” he says, but he doesn’t look sorry at all. My fears start to rise again but he just shrugs. “You’re beautiful and in my lap. There’s not really any way to stop it.”

My face warms at his comment and I need to get myself together.

He stands up with me in his arms and I let my legs drop as I slide down his hard body. I look around to see we’re on an empty road, but I have no idea where we are. I haven’t lived here long enough to know all the ins and outs of the city. The one thing I do know is that it only takes about fifteen minutes to get to the middle of nowhere.

“Back in the car, buttercup,” he tells me and he opens the door.

I do as I’m told because what is the other option? I’m in heels in the middle of nowhere and there’s no way I can outrun him. He’s a big man, but I could feel the hard ridges of his muscles when I was in his lap. He’s fit and the only way I can get away from him right now is if he lets me. I have to bide my time, but it doesn’t look like he has any plans for letting me go anywhere that isn’t with him.

He closes the door behind me and goes around the car and gets into the driver’s seat. “You do that often?” he asks as he turns to look at me. For a second I don’t know what he’s asking, but then I nod.

“When I was a kid I did. I used to have panic attacks.” I thought I was past them or that I had grown too strong for them to get to me now. That was until Warren came into my life. One was triggered the day I was told I couldn’t get a restraining order against him—not that it mattered. What was I going to do, throw the piece of paper at him when he broke in? Me trying to get one only fueled his anger.

“I’m sorry about the knife.” He shakes his head. “I wasn’t sure what I was going to get with you, but I can’t be too careful when it comes to Monte. That fucker is crazy.” I actually believe him. “I’m also sorry, but I can’t let you go.”

He puts the SUV in drive and we take off again. We sit in silence for a long time as he drives until I can’t stand it anymore.

“Are we going in circles?” I finally ask when I think I see the same warehouse a few times. They can all blend together at times, but this is the biggest printing press city in the United States. Warehouses are a dime a dozen.

“Have time to kill until the meet-up.”

That’s when I remember him saying something about a meeting spot in an hour. I swallow, wondering who we are meeting, and all I can think is Cooper could have a boss that tells him to get rid of me.

“I’ve seen your face,” I gasp and I know that means they’re never going to let me go.

“I thought you enjoyed looking at me.” His voice is teasing as I glance in the rearview mirror. Once again he’s somehow putting me at ease and he’s making this more lighthearted than it should be.

“You could be another Monte for all I know,” I mumble, not only to remind myself but because I want to see his reaction. The smile on his face drops instantly as he grips the steering wheel.

“Monte will get what’s coming to him.” His words are dark and it’s clear he hates him. At least we have that in common. “We’ll let his own sharks eat him.”

“What did he do to you?” I’m all for Monte’s life coming to an abrupt ending, but it’s clear that Cooper has a vendetta.

“Not just me.” His eyes are back on the road now and I strangely miss the comfort of them. “I don’t believe in coincidences, do you?”

“I never really thought about it to be honest.” I believe in the shit happens motto.