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She grips my suit jacket tightly as the orgasm rolls over her. Her body is soft and her hot curves press against me while I wring out every ounce of her pleasure. Her warm, sticky release coats my fingers, and I slide so easily in and out of her. My cock is a steel rod running down my leg, trying to rip the seams of my slacks. I glance down to see a wet spot where the head is, and I can feel my own sticky pre-cum smeared against my thigh.

When she’s caught her breath and leaned back a little to look at me, I pull my fingers out of her warm pussy and move her panties back in place. Then I bring them to my mouth and suck the shiny juices off of them. Her warm taste is better than anything I’ve ever put in my mouth, and she watches me with wide eyes as I savor the taste of her. She’s tangy and sweet, and once I’ve sucked my fingers clean I reach out and touch her lips before I slide them into her mouth just a little.

“Suck on them like you’d suck my cock,” I say, my voice husky with need.

She’s shy at first, but her untrained mouth opens slightly and the tip of her pink tongue comes out to lick them nervously. I have to bite my lip to keep from groaning. The inexperience makes me impossibly harder.

“Have you ever had a dick in your mouth?” I ask, and she looks up at me as she sucks on the ends of my fingers and shakes her head. “Fuck. Are you trying to make me cum on myself?”

She licks the pads of my fingertips as she wraps her lips around them. She sucks harder this time, and my body tenses while at the same time is rendered completely powerless. She’s got it all right now and I’ve never felt so vulnerable.

“Is everything to your liking, Mr. Caldwell?”

Suddenly Ava drops my fingers from her mouth and turns away from me. Her face is bright red with embarrassment and now I’m pissed.

I glance over to see the hostess Chantal from earlier and give her a death stare. She’s made more than one advance in the times I’ve visited this restaurant and I’ve made it clear that nothing will happen between us. I don’t date people I have work ties to. But I guess that’s just one more way that Ava is the exception.

“We’re finished, Chantal. You can clear the dishes,” I say as I stand up and reach for Ava’s hand. “We’re leaving, petal.”

She won’t look at me as she takes my hand and allows me to lead her out of the restaurant. When we get outside the air has turned a little chilly, so I take off my suit jacket and go to put it around Ava’s arms.

“No, thank you,” she says and brushes it away.

“Let me keep you warm,” I say playfully and step closer holding it out again.

“I said no. But that doesn’t seem to mean anything to someone like you.” Her words are sharp and I see tears forming in her eyes.

“Ava, I’m so sorry. What’s wrong? Did the hostess upset you back there? If so, I’ll go in and make sure she doesn’t work in this city again.”

She rolls her eyes as her anger builds. “I’m sure you could. But let me think why I could possibly be upset.” She places her finger on her chin and pretends to think. “Maybe it was the fact that you gave me my first ever orgasm in the middle of a crowded restaurant. Or maybe you had me suck your fingers like a cock and I’ve never done that either. Then that beautiful hostess comes over and you’ve probably slept with her.”

“No, I haven’t slept with her. Ava, please. Let me explain.”

“I don’t want an explanation. I just want to go home.” She turns her back on me and walks towards her car.

I should let her go. I’ve fucked this all up and I should just let her have what she’s asking for. But I’m not smart when it comes to her, and I pause for only half a second before I chase her down.

When she goes to open her car door, I push it closed and turn her to face me. She’s not happy with me, but she doesn’t push me away. I’ve never had someone hold so much power over me with just one look. It’s maddening to not have something that I want so desperately within my control. She causes me to feel confused and unsure but also like I’ve been in a fog my whole life until she showed up. I don’t know how to explain to her all that I’m feeling, but I need to be as honest as I can.