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I went with a white dress with small pink flowers all over it and pair it with gold sandals. I know I’ll likely be on my feet a lot today, running around getting anything Rebecca might need. I wanted something cute but comfy, something that might catch Lucas’s eye. Though I’m not sure what I’d do if I caught it.

I’ve never been great with guys before. Probably because I’ve spent most of my life ignoring them as they have done the same to me. I’ll probably freeze up like a deer caught in headlights. It’s already going to be hard to not be a fumbling mess when I’m in front of him.

I give myself one last look in the mirror and run my hands down my curves. It’s hard to hide my breasts and ass when they’re as big as they are. My curves have never really bothered me until the last year while I’ve been working around some of the prettiest models in the world. It has made me start to question how I feel about my body. I for one never thought I’d be working for a lingerie company when I was getting my business degree, but here I am, thrust into the fashion world. A world where my size is definitely frowned upon.

I let out a sigh, reminding myself that I’m perfect how I am and these curves aren’t going anywhere. I love carbs way too much. Not to mention when I do try to cut back, the scale never changes. So why bother denying myself what I want? I shake off the negative thoughts in my head and grab my purse. I look at myself one last time in the mirror and smile. Positive vibes and kind words only.



I check my watch to make sure that we aren’t running behind. If there’s one thing that bothers me most it’s being late. I lean back when I see I have more than enough time, even with the how terrible traffic is. As if my mom knows I’m not busy, my phone rings.

“Ma,” I say in greeting.

I know what’s coming and I don’t want to talk about it right now, but she’ll call and call until I answer. Besides, after the small scare we had last month I’m always a little on edge when I see her number come up on my screen. The last time it was the head of security calling to tell me she’d been admitted to the hospital after fainting.

We found out she’d had a mini stroke, and ever since then it set me and my sister off balance. Our mom is all we’ve ever really known. Our father took off shortly after my sister Rebecca was born. I’ve always been the man of the house and I’ve taken that responsibility seriously my entire life.

Over the last month, since my mom had her stroke, she’s come up with this idea that she has to make sure I’m taken care of and happy. Which she has decided can only be accomplished by marriage. Even the word marriage sounds so foreign to me. It’s not something I’ve ever given much thought to. The only relationships I’m familiar with are the ones I have with my family. Beyond that, my only focus is making money. I want to make sure that they’d be taken care of if anything ever happens to me.

“I knew you’d be awake already,” she sighs into the phone.

Where else would I be on a weekday morning at seven a.m.? My days always start at five. I work out, eat breakfast, and answer any emails that might have collected overnight.

“How are you feeling today, Ma?” I ask, not taking the bait.

“Well, tomorrow night is the Stein Charity Gala, and I’m going to bring some women with me I’d love for you to meet,” she says in her sweetest voice, knowing that I can’t get out of this.

I’m the biggest donor to the Stein Foundation. It’s an organization set on helping single mothers in need. I’ve been working with them since I made my first million many years ago. Now my mom is involved with them. If there’s one event I can’t get out of it, it’s theirs. She has me cornered and she knows it.

“That might be awkward since I’m already bringing a date.”

The lie rolls right off my tongue. That should probably make me feel bad, but fuck, it’s worse when she throws women at me. I always feel like a total asshole when I politely tell them I’m not interested. Some don’t take it so well and even push further. One woman my mom tried to set me up with showed up at my office.

I know my mother means well, but it’s starting to make my life hell. I’m done with it. Her throwing women at me has had the opposite effect. I don’t want anything to do with them now.

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