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“I would have,” Robert says, making his mom stop pacing. She levels him with a stare.

“Yeah, sure you would have. You’re the worst of them. You couldn’t even remember Winter’s name and she’s been in your brother’s life for years.”

Robert sucks in a deep breath as if someone punched him right in the stomach.

“Years,” he says under his breath. “Fucking years you’ve been there.”

I don’t understand what he’s getting at. The room goes quiet again. I let my eyes fall closed, snuggling further into Robert. I swear I hear him say something about never letting me go again before I drift off to sleep.

Chapter 4


I feel her breathing even out as her head lies on my chest. For the first time in months, calm falls over me. I breathe in her sweet smell, and that simmering anger I’ve had for months recedes and draws me from the edge I’ve been teetering on. Oh, it’s still partly there. I have a million questions in my mind that need to be answered, but for a moment I enjoy the fact that I’ve got her back. That’s the most important thing in all of this. I can sort the rest out in time.

My mom clears her throat, reminding me we aren’t alone. I lift my head that I’d burrowed in her chestnut hair. She smells like winter. Her name suits her. I’d been calling her my snow angel. It makes my chest ache. Years. I could have had her years ago if I’d pulled my head out of my ass.

“You want to tell me what’s going on here?” my mom asks in a hushed whisper.

“I don’t know,” I answer truthfully. I have no fucking clue what is going on, but I can’t get my arms to move from holding her close.

“I’ll call Cory,” she says, giving me a long look. “I take it you got her.” Her sarcasm is clear in her tone as she nods to Winter, who I’m holding onto tightly.

I only nod in agreement, fighting a rumble that tries to come from my chest at the idea of not having her. Fucking hell. What is wrong with me?

She shifts in my lap, making me groan as her little ass wiggles over my cock that woke up the moment I saw her. She buries her face in my neck. Her warm breath against my skin has me closing my eyes trying to pull it together. My balls draw up, begging me to thrust up and rub against her. It wouldn’t be much, but at this point I’m a begging dog that would take scraps from her. How the mighty have fallen. I need to get it together.

She doesn’t feel well, I remind myself. Reluctantly I stand with her in my arms and carry her from my office and up the stairs. I don’t have to think where I’m taking her as I move towards the west wing—my wing—down the long hallway and into my room.

I walk straight over to my bed, putting her down in the spot I normally lie. Slowly I slide my arms out from under her, not wanting to wake her. I stand there staring down at her. Not hours ago I feared I’d never find her but now here she lies in my bed, making it more inviting than it’s ever been. Normally I have to make myself go to bed as I tend to work well into the night. I don’t think I’d have that problem if she were in my bed.

I brush a piece of her soft hair off her face, wanting to see all of her face again. Her full lips part in a sigh that goes straight to my dick. How many times have I jacked myself off, regretting that I never got to feel her mouth around me?

I’d regretted a lot of things when it came to her, thinking they might never come to be. My mind played out a life with her all on its own when I’d be sitting at my desk instead of working. She ruled my thoughts. I’d even pondered that if I found her maybe it would help calm that constant obsession of thinking of her, but seeing her lying before me I know how wrong that was.

I trace her mouth with my thumb and another one of those adorable sighs comes from her. I want to know what it would feel like if my cock was inside of her while she did it. Or if she’d do it if I woke her in the morning with my face between her thighs.

My mouth starts to water thinking about her taste. My gaze drifts down her body, wanting to take more of her in. She shifts again, the oversized red sweater she’s wearing bunching up and revealing her soft stomach.