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If I’m good at anything, it’s memorizing. It made school easy for me but also boring. I love driving in the city and finding my way around. It’s been one of the only good things that came from my parents’ situation. I didn’t appreciate it enough before, but now that I’m forced to, I see the beauty in it here. It’s become a puzzle and I want to solve it with the fastest way to get from one place to another.

I ride around picking up and dropping off all the things I’m supposed to. I try not to think about Harris, but that’s like trying not to think of a pink polar bear as soon as someone tells you not to. But at least I’m busy, and that makes it easier to relax. It’s the first day in a long time that I’m not constantly stressed and I’m actually enjoying what I’m doing. Who would have thought Harris had the ability to give me that without being with me?

When I pull up to the third stop on my list, I park the car and get out. I stand in front of the old church that’s been converted into a bar and I’m in awe. I see a man open the front door and come towards me.

“She’s beautiful, isn’t she?” he says as we both look up at the stained-glass windows.

“She is,” I admit. “How have I not noticed this place before?” I ask, looking over at the older man.

“It was only recently restored. She was set for demolition, but Hill saved her.”

“Harris?” I say, a little surprised. The place is beautiful and makes me wonder why his own home is so empty.

“Yep. He’s got a thing for old buildings, but he didn’t have use for this one.” He shakes his head as if remembering something. “He saved it then talked me into buying it. I swear that man can talk anyone into anything.” There’s laughter in his voice and I nod in agreement.

Even when I tried to push him away he only kept getting closer. I have a fear that sits in the back of my mind that at any moment what little I have could be taken from me for no reason and it’s all because of my past. But maybe Harris can look past that?

“He has a talent for seeing the beauty in what’s underneath the surface, that’s for sure. People passed this place for years and didn’t give the old church a thought. Harris saw what it could become.” His words hit closer to home than he knows.

Is that how Harris sees me? It’s sweet he might think he can save me, but I should be saving myself. The idea that he wants to come charging into my life gives me hope for the future.

I look back at the church and wonder if I would be the same. Once he’s done saving me, will he be on to the next? From what I know about him, he’s an admitted workaholic. I’m not sure I’d fare as well as the church did when he moved on to another project.

“Let me get you those cases,” he says as he walks back into the church and leaves me to stew in my own thoughts. He returns a few moments later and puts the boxes into my car for me. Then he gives me a large tip like all the other places I’ve been today.

“This is too much.” I raise my voice so he can hear, but he’s already heading back inside. I want to make sure he didn’t accidentally give too much.

“Don’t worry about it.” He throws over his shoulder, saying the same thing as everyone else.

I look down at the money and wonder if Harris put them up to it. Is this how he’s going to try and save me? My shoulders drop because the last thing I want is pity. Maybe I’m mistaking kindness for what I thought had been a little flirting.

I put the money into my pocket and get back into my car. I see I have a message from Cara and I send her a quick text back letting her know I’ll try and come by later. I’ve still got several more places to stop before I’m supposed to meet Harris, and I don’t want to mess anything up.

Chapter Eight


It’s been a long day and Simon has been frazzled for most of it. My smile is easy as I sit back in the chair and watch the program finish running.

“How are you so calm?” he asks as he runs his hands through his hair.

“Because I know that every time we get to this point in the project you stress and worry enough for the both of us.” He rolls his eyes, but I shrug. “I also know that it always works out. We deliver on time and it always goes off without a hitch. Why should this be any different?”

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