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“A little bit of everything.” I take her hand and lead her over to my seat, but before she can move away I pull her down in my lap. “This is the sound program that we’re running to make sure the acoustics are going to be perfect.”

“What is this place?” She looks down over the side of the box to all the seats below.

“It was an old music hall. The neighborhood is going to use it for events. I think at one point they showed old movies here.” I watch her face as she studies the building and then everything in front of us.

“It’s so beautiful. The theater reminds me of the movie Annie.”

“Really? Did you like that one growing up?”

Her eyes light up and she nods. “It was my favorite. I loved that she was in a bad place at the orphanage, but it didn’t stop her spirit. Then she ended up with parents that loved her.” There’s sadness in her eyes and I’m surprised at how my heart aches for her. I want to ask her more, but she shakes her head and smiles. “I must have watched it a thousand times. The part when they go to the movies was my favorite. This theater looks just like that. Will they have movies here?”

“I think so,” I say as I rub my hand across her shoulder and down her back. I can’t keep my hands off of her. “I’ll have to ask about the schedule of events. We can come back and watch them.”

“That sounds really nice.” She plays with the collar of my shirt and it seems neither of us can focus right now.

“Can I take you home?” My voice is low as I lean closer to her. Even with her sitting in my lap I tower over her. “You can see the dress you picked up and I can cook you dinner.”

“Don’t threaten me with a good time,” she says, and this time it’s her turn to come close and press her lips to mine.

She’s bold with her kiss and I hold her tight against me while she breathes me in. Her body is molded against mine and my big hand on her ass squeezes hard. God, I want to sink into her and find out just how tight she is. I imagine her pussy has blonde curls and is tight like a fist. The thought of fucking her hard while she clings to me makes me take over our kiss. I demand her attention as I breathe her into me and try to forge our bodies together.

I don’t know how long we kiss, but by the time she laughs and hugs me close I know it’s been longer than we both realize.

“Come on, or I’ll be in here with you all night,” I say as I stand up.

When she turns around I try to adjust my cock, but it’s so big and hard that I have nowhere for it to go. She turns back just as I’m trying to figure out what to do with my monster and she puts her hands over her mouth.

“I have nothing to say, other than I really like kissing you.” Her face is as red as a hydrant as I pull her close against me. I lean in close and keep my words low. “Have you had a man between your legs, sweetheart?” When she shakes her head no, I press my lips to her heart. “Don’t worry, I’ll make you a woman.”

Her body shivers and she gasps as both my hands move to her ass and I hold her tight against my cock. I can feel myself growl low in my chest before I reluctantly let go and hold her hand as we leave the theater.

“Nobody has ever talked to me that way,” she says once we’re outside.

“Do you like it?” I kiss the back of her hand as we walk to her car.

“Yes.” She admits it like she doesn’t want to and now it’s my turn to try and hide my smile.

I open the driver’s door for her and she gets in. When I go around to the other side and get in, she’s looking at me with curiosity.

“What?” I drape my hand over the back of the chair and wait.

“You are unlike any man I’ve ever met.” She cranks up the car and then looks at me again. “And I can’t decide what to do about it.”

“We don’t have to make a decision tonight,” I say as I lean close and kiss her neck. “But I don’t go in reverse. We can go as slow as you want, but there’s no going back.

She thinks for a second and then nods before she drives towards my place.

Chapter Nine


“You’re lying!” I squeal as Harris tickles me on the couch.