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“It’s true.” He leans back and I’m out of breath from laughing so hard.

“I don’t believe it for a second.” My fingers move under his arms, then to his waist and past his very prominent erection to the backs of his legs. “You are seriously not ticklish anywhere?”

“It’s a good thing because you’re ticklish enough for the both of us.” He barely touches my waist and I’m doubling over with laughter.

“It’s just—” I breathe, but then I fall back on the couch as he moves on top of me. “It’s only because I know you’re going to do it.”

His weight feels good, and I spread my legs so I can cradle him between them. He’s smiling, but his eyes are hungry and I feel that thick ridge he’s got in his jeans against my sweet spot.

We came back and he cooked me dinner. Then he refused to show me the dress he wants me to wear tomorrow. I kept saying that I should try it on in case it doesn’t fit, but he said it wouldn’t happen. He was so confident and cocky it made me kiss him and then we ended up making out for an hour. Then we moved to the couch and we’ve been talking for hours in between kissing and him dry humping me. I can’t say I don’t like how the night has progressed.

He thrusts into me like he would if we were making love and I moan. How is he so perfect? Would he act this way if he knew the truth? These thoughts flow through my head, but I decide to ignore them because this feels too damn good.

“Tell me about this scar,” he says when he pushes my shirt up and sees the little line under my bra.

I let him push his fingers under my bra until they find my hard nipple. There’s a pinch and I nearly come off the couch as he pushes my bra the rest of the way to reveal my breast.

“In high school, a lacrosse game,” I breathe as he leans down and traces the shape of my nipple with his tongue.

I grip the couch when he sucks it into his mouth and his hand finds my other breast. When his mouth covers that, I move my hands between my legs and to the belt of his jeans. I fumble with the buckle before I unzip them, but he doesn’t stop me. This is further than we’ve gone before. Kissing and over-the-clothes petting could only last for so long.

When my palm wraps around his substantial girth my eyes fly open. Dear god, he’s massive, but instead of being afraid, my sex clenches. What will this feel like inside of me? Is this how he’s going to make me a woman? Because I’m pretty sure this is going to make me pregnant if we don’t slow down.

“Careful,” he grits out as he licks my nipple.

I realize I’m gripping him tight and I loosen the hold as I move my hand up and down. I’m shocked when it keeps going, and I audibly swallow. I look down to make sure I don’t have his thigh in my hand by mistake. When my eyes land on the thick ruddy head of his cock I nearly pass out. Well, it’s never going to go in my ass, that’s for sure.

As if sensing my apprehension, Harris kisses down my belly and I feel his fingers at the waist of my jeans. “Let me kiss you a little and see if we can make it fit.”

Oh shit, is this really happening?

His hands are strong as they work the denim off my hips along with my panties. My shirt is pushed up and I’m naked from the waist down as he kneels on the floor between my thighs.

“Just as pretty and pink as I thought you’d be,” he says, dragging his knuckles through my lips and over my clit.

“Harris.” I say his name like a curse as I sit up and try to close my legs.

“That’s right, sweetheart,” he says, locking eyes with me.

He doesn’t break the contact as he leans down and gently kisses me on my pussy while his eyes stay on mine. It makes it so much more intimate and real than anything I imagined and I can’t look away. The feeling of his tongue against me is delicious and dark. I reach out and run my fingers through his hair and he closes his eyes as if savoring his favorite dessert. How can I ever function after knowing how good this feels? Will I walk around all day wanting him to lick me between my legs? Because right now I don’t ever want it to end.

I feel myself building towards a climax, but it’s unlike anything I’ve ever given myself. Normally I rush to the end and don’t take my time, but this, I don’t want to be over. As if he senses it, he slows down and licks me at a lazy pace. I feel his tongue dip lower and inside me and I moan so loudly I should be embarrassed.