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“You like bossing me around.” Her fingers play with the hair on my chest, and I smile.

“You like it.” I pull her up in my arms and carry her from the bed as she squeals with laughter.

“Maybe just a little,” she says, and I walk us into the shower.

Chapter Twelve


You can’t get pregnant in the shower, right? That’s the thought I have as I put on the lingerie that’s laid out on the bed for me.

Harris has left me in here all day while a team of people came over to make me beautiful. I had my body scrubbed even though he already did a thorough job of that earlier, then I was buffed and polished within an inch of my life. I look down at my perfect nails that are a soft gray color and see that they match the undergarments I’m supposed to wear tonight. I’m sure this is not by coincidence.

My sex clenches when I think about Harris holding me up against the shower wall as he pounded into me. He came twice before he put me down, and then he licked me between my legs because he wanted to see what we tasted like together. At one point he slipped a finger in my ass and I thought I was going to break into a million pieces. I can’t believe I was so innocent only a day ago. I never thought sex could be like this, and from what friends told me in high school, they must have been doing it wrong. The first time didn’t even really hurt, and then after that it was nothing but ecstasy.

There’s a soft knock on the bedroom door and I hear one of the assistants, Luna, ask if everything is okay.

“Just a second,” I say as I slip on the bra and panties and matching garters and slip. This seems like a ton of things that Harris is just going to have to peel off me later. The thought makes me dizzy with lust and I ache for him to fill me again. He filled an emptiness that I hadn’t know was there.

Once I’ve got everything on, I open the door and Luna comes inside with a garment bag held high. This is the dress Harris wouldn’t let me try on and now I’m excited to see it. She hangs it up on the closet door and unzips it. She takes the dress out and I’m shocked at how beautiful it is. It’s top to bottom lace that’s a deep plum color and I can’t wait to try it on.

I stand in front the mirror as I step into it, and Luna helps me with the buttons. It’s got long sleeves that are snug the whole way down and the front plunges low between my breasts. The back is the same and there is a small clasp at the back of my neck holding the delicate material together. The dress hugs me all the way to my feet, where it cascades onto the floor. From the way the dress is made, the entire thing looks see-through and the lace is strategically placed in the all the right places.

“Harris is going to die,” I say as I turn from side to side in the mirror and admire myself.

My blonde hair is down with just one side of my hair pinned back. My skin is glowing and I’ve never looked more beautiful. I want to cry.

“Don’t do that. You’ll mess up the makeup,” Luna says as she brings over a tissue. “You look—”

“Breathtaking,” Harris finishes for her, and I turn around to see him at the doorway. “Thank you, Luna, I think I can take it from here.”

I look down and see he’s holding a pair of heels and I smile at him. I give Luna a quick hug goodbye and thank her for her help. Harris closes the door after her.

“Maybe you should stay on that side of the room,” I say when he comes prowling closer to me. He gives me an evil smile and I hold my hand out. “I mean it. This is the nicest I’ve ever looked and I want to enjoy it for five more minutes.”

“Is that all?” he says as he leans in close and kisses me on the bare skin of my neck. “I think I can come up with something to do in the meantime.”

He presses his body against mine and his hard cock makes me wet instantly. He has broken the flood gates, because apparently I’m just turned on all the time now. I was interested in sex before, but there was never an opportunity for it. Now that I’ve given myself to Harris the only thing I want to do is get back in bed.

“Quit looking at me like that. One of us has to have some self-control.”