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Now they’re coming here and I’ve been wanting everything to be perfect. As perfect as the Thanksgiving they shared with me. I want to show them I care.

When I started talking about how we needed to do something about his condo to make it festive, Harris hadn’t missed a beat in making that happen. The next day I was running through a holiday store like I was on a shopping spree show, finally putting the credit card Harris gave me to use.

“We never set them up. My mother always hired people. I like this way better.” I let out another small laugh. “Even if it looks extra.” It does look a hot mess and it’s growing on me quickly. No, it’s not perfect like a professional would have done, but it’s ours.

“Told you, sweetheart. It’s perfect.” He turns and brushes his lips against mine. He’s right. It is perfect. “Thank you for caring so much about making this a perfect Christmas for my parents.”

“I want them to want to come here,” I admit. Meeting Harris’s parents showed me what parents could really be like. I enjoyed being with his mother. She doted on me and made me feel like I was her daughter. I look forward to her phone calls every few days. His dad was just as sweet as his mom. He reminded me so much of Harris with how he treated his wife.

“Oh, they’ll be coming. I think the only reason they haven’t come sooner is Christmas was so close and I told them I wasn’t ready to share you yet.”

“You’ll never be ready to share me, so you might as well get used to it,” I tease, breaking from his hold to go get my coat for our date night. I don’t make it two feet and he’s pulling me back into his body.

“I won’t. Not even after I take my last breath on this earth. I’ll still want more.” His mouth falls onto mine as my heart gives a flutter. It always does when he talks about us as a never-ending love. That we would always be together. He hasn’t asked me to marry him, but he tells people I’m his forever. I try not to think why he hasn’t asked me. I know he loves me and that’s all that matters.

I sigh when we pull apart, looking forward to coming back home and we haven’t even left yet. “Sloan,” Harris warns. We both know where this is headed. It isn’t unusual for us to miss a date night because we end up in bed.

“Then let me get my coat,” I sass.

“I’ll get your coat.” He takes my hand and leads me towards the door. It doesn’t take long and we’re in the back of a town car. It makes me think back to when I was driving people around. I didn’t hate the job, though I wore myself out doing it. I was always on the go, trying to make every penny I could. Maybe I’d even miss it if it wasn’t for Harris. The man keeps me busy in all ways.

Our passion for the city has melded together. I love helping him here and there. I brought up finding another job since he hated me driving around and letting random people into my car. He was sure someone would just take me. I have to admit it doesn’t hurt my ego that he thinks everyone wants me. It’s a nice change from feeling like no one wants to be seen with me. He always does that, though. He heals parts of me that I didn’t know had been damaged.

He told me he needed me at his side. I was happy being there, so I didn’t bring it back up. I wanted to be at his side, but I wanted to make sure he wanted that, too.

Not to mention I’m pretty sure I’m pregnant. I haven’t even told Harris yet. With Christmas only days away, I think I’ll do it then. I know he’ll be happy. His lack of care when it comes to protection makes that clear. So do all the dirty things he says when we make love. He said he was going to knock me up a dozen times while we made love. Every time it would send me over the edge of orgasm.

My mouth falls open as we pull up to the old movie theatre. It’s one I drove past many times. “Harris?” I ask. He gives me a smile and pulls me from the car.

“You said you thought it needed some love.” He shrugs. “So I bought it. If it needs some love, we’ll give it that.”

“You just bought it? Just like that?” My eyes water. He stops walking and pulls me into him.

“Sweetheart, you know what your tears do to me.”