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“They’re happy tears. They don’t count.” I say the same thing I always do when he gets me all choked up.

“Come. There is more.” When we enter the theater, I can tell someone has already started cleaning the place up. I gasp when we walk into one of the rooms. Rose petals are strewn on the aisle. The room is filled with light from candles everywhere.

“Harris. You’re really not going to like this,” I tell him as the tears leak down my cheeks. He smiles at me before placing kisses on my cheeks to stop them. When I finally think I’ve got it under control, he does it to me all over again when he falls to one knee.

“I’ve been dying to ask you something, sweetheart. The wait almost killed me, but I wanted to make this perfect for you.”

“For me.” I repeat his words.

“Always.” He slides the diamond ring onto my finger. “Tell me you’ll marry me,” he demands.

I want to tease him, but I don’t have it in me. I throw myself at him. He catches me easily, kissing me deeply.

“I’ll marry you,” I blurt out when our mouths finally part. “Now take me home and make love to me.” It’s me issuing the demand this time.

“Are you sure? I had plans for us.” I start to respond but stop when the screen at the front of the theater lights up. A gasp leaves me when Annie starts to play.

“You remembered.”

“Remembered?” He barks out a laugh. “I don’t just remember when it comes to you, Sloan. I wanted you to see that I’ll spend my life making you happy. Tonight was a taste of what we’ll have together.

“We’ll have it all,” I finish for him. “And maybe one more.” It takes him a moment for my words to sink in.

“And then another,” he adds. I burst into a fit of laughter.

“Let’s focus on one,” I say.

“Or we could practice for more.” He lifts me off my feet, and we end up missing the movie. We’ll write our own happily ever after.



Many years later….

I stare at my wife as she hums to herself softly, gazing out the large window to our backyard. Her fluffy red robe falls off one shoulder as she stirs her coffee before taking a small sip and setting it down.

Already my cock jerks, wanting me to move closer to her. Neither he nor I was happy when we woke to an empty bed. I glance over at the clock, wondering how much time we have before the kids come running down the stairs. Probably not much since it’s Christmas morning. Still, I’ll take my chances. I know I won’t get much alone time with my wife today. The house is going to be filled with family and friends, something I normally enjoy, but right now my mind only has one focus and it’s my wife, who somehow managed to slip out of bed on me.

She hasn’t done that since the very first night I found her. I smile at the memory. It doesn’t feel like ten years has passed, but it has. Every one of them more than I could have ever asked for. To this day it still pisses me off how all those years ago people tried to shun her. I don’t think it’s something that will ever, ever fade for me, even if it’s not a blip on her radar anymore.

Even that mother of hers leaving without a backwards glance until she smelled money. After it hit the papers that Sloan and I were together and I would never sign a prenup, it didn’t take long for her to show up. One look at my wife’s face and I knew what had to be done. I didn’t care for being an asshole, but when it came to her or my family, I had no problems being one.

She peeks over her shoulder at me, giving me a playful smile. “You never let me get far, do you?” When she turns, her robe slips farther off her shoulder. She bites her lip in full knowledge at what she’s doing to me. I suck in a breath when her robe falls open, baring the same skimpy red negligee she wore last night when we’d gotten done playing Santa Claus. I thought I ruined the thing. I could have sworn I heard the fabric rip, but it wasn’t where my mind was at the time. I’d tossed it behind us as I pushed her down onto the bed.

“It’s a different one. I like it, so don’t rip this one,” she warns. I would laugh at the fact she knew in advance she’d need extra negligees. But I’m too turned on to laugh. “It actually fits with my baby bump.” She motions to the little bump that’s made itself very known these past few weeks. Her tits bounce with the action. My mouth waters as I think about the added sweetness her nipples will have soon.