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I move, clearing the distancing between us. She giggles more as I lift her gently and put her down onto the kitchen counter. I take her mouth in a deep kiss, cutting off her laughter and tasting the sweetness of her coffee. She moans into my mouth and spreads her legs more for me. I know what she wants. I grip her thighs, pulling them apart for me and getting myself nice and comfortable, because I’m not moving until I taste more of her.

I don’t care that my parents are upstairs, along with our son and little girl. No man could turn away from her if they knew she was theirs for the taking.

I drop down to my knees, throwing her legs over my shoulder. I growl when I see she has no panties on. I waste no time sucking and eating at my wife until she begs me to stop.

“Harris.” She gives my hair a small tug. I smile against her pussy before giving it one last kiss there, then one to each of her thighs as I stand.

She lets out a cute hum as she lays her head against my chest.

“It was snowing. I wanted to see,” she says with a dreamy sigh.

“The kids will be excited. I can’t remember our last white Christmas.” She nods in agreement, and I know she’s still sleepy. I pull her off the counter and head back to our bedroom.

We got a place outside the city not long after we married. We could have the best of both worlds this way. My parents bought a house not far from us in order to spend more time with us. They enjoyed being grandparents too much to be away long.

Not only that, but they’ve taken my wife in as their own. In their eyes she’s their daughter. I know how much my sweet loved that.

I lay her down on the bed, wanting her to rest. Her feet swelled her last two pregnancies and I’m making it my job to make sure they don’t this time. I don’t care what the doctor said—how it’s normal and will happen. She hated it. Which meant I hated it and would fix it.

“Sleep. I’ll start breakfast.” I brush my mouth against hers. I try to pull back, but she doesn’t let me go. I chuckle. I could pull away, but I can never bring myself to separate from her. Not since the moment I found her. I swear it’s even painful to be away from her too long.

“We weren’t done,” she huffs, trying to pull me onto the bed. I should tell her no. A better man would let his pregnant wife sleep, but like always I give her what she wants. What we both want. Like I plan to do forever.