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I don’t understand how she’s been doing her job for months and no one has tried to lay claim to her. Maybe they didn’t get a good look at her like I did, or maybe she’s not single.

What dumbass boyfriend would let her drive the streets late at night letting strange men into her car? No, any man who would let that happen didn’t deserve her.

“Okay, fine, you don’t have to,” she laughs, and I realize that I’m clenching my jaw because I’m thinking about her with someone besides me.

“I’ll share.” I lean in a little more and she doesn’t move away. “But only with you,” I add before placing the candy bar onto the checkout counter.

I relax and try not to focus on something that’s only going to piss me off. She’d only just begun to relax and I don’t want to fuck that up. I’m still trying to understand what’s happening to me. If Simon were here he’d be laughing his ass off. I don’t have a clue what I’m doing, but I’m focused on keeping her calm.

Her tongue peeks out and I wonder if it’s for me or if she’s thinking about the candy bar again. Either way, I’ll take it.

“Will that be all, sir?” the cashier asks.

“That should hold us over for now.” I pull out my card and slide it through the machine. “Don’t you think?” I look back over to Sloan, needing attention from her. What is happening to me?

“Yeah, I think you’re good.” She shakes her head at me like I’m being ridiculous, which I am.

I put the groceries into the cart and push it out to the car. She pops the trunk and I load them in before taking the cart back. When I get to the car, she’s already inside with it running. This time I don’t get into the back and instead sit in the passenger seat. She looks at me with surprise for a moment but doesn’t say anything.

“Is this where we’re going?” she asks as she pops her cell phone onto a holder on the dash.

“Home sweet home,” I confirm, leaning back so I can watch her.

I make easy conversation with her as she drives because I want to hear her talk. But the closer we get to my house, the more panic starts to settle over me. I realize the sooner I’m there, the sooner she’ll be gone. I have a feeling she isn’t going to agree to go out with me so easily, and I need to seal the deal.

I pull out my cell phone and scroll to my previous calls. I save her number immediately so at least I have that. It’s not enough, so I shoot a text to my doorman Jim and ask for a small favor. When he responds I put my phone away and go back to giving her all of my attention.

When I open the candy bar, I break her off some of it and hold it out.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to do that.” She glances at the piece of chocolate and then back to the road.

“You’ll hurt my feelings if you don’t.”

She smiles at me and rolls her eyes a little but reaches out and takes it from me. She eats the whole piece at once and then makes a small humming sound. I have to look away because it’s almost erotic and I’ve got to focus. Otherwise I’ll stare at her like a dog while she drives.

I offer her another and this time she doesn’t fight me. When she chews, she makes the sound again and I fight my own groan. Why does it sound like she’s sliding down on my cock?

“You’re hungry,” I say absently as I clear my throat and hand her another piece.

“I’ll live,” she says as she chews, and I wonder how often she goes without eating.

“Come home with me,” I blurt out. She looks over at me skeptically. “Let me feed you dinner,” I add quickly.

I wonder if I can keep her from going back out tonight? It’s already so late and I worry about her picking up someone else.

“I shouldn’t.” I watch her tongue touch the side of her mouth and it’s my sign that she wants to.

“You’ll have to help me carry all this stuff up anyway.” I motion to the trunk of the car. “I’ll make sure to tip you for the help,” I add on to try and give her reason to say yes.

It’s obvious she needs the money if she’s in this line of work, and I saw how fast she took the cash from my hand. Knowing she’s in need of something is another thing I can add to the don’t care for pile. The list is growing quickly, but good thing I’ve always enjoyed checking things off of them. Getting rid of a boyfriend, check. Making sure she has what she needs, check. Like all things in life, my brain is already coming up with ideas of how to get these things done.