“Fuck!” I bellow as my knees become weak and I nearly collapse on top of her.

Before I lose all my strength, I roll us over so that Juliet is on top of me and I’m still buried deep inside of her. My cock is still hard and I thrust up because I can’t stop making love to her. My body might have just been drained, but it’s already recovering and demanding more.

“Again?” Juliet looks at me with wide eyes as she sits up and feels my length as hard as before. Her hips rock back and forth a few times, and she moans in spite of herself.

“We’re only getting started, my love,” I say as I grab her round hips and sink deeper.



I open my eyes and feel a big body wrapped around me. I thought I dreamed everything, but Kane lying next to me is proof that it’s real. Even though most of it seems too crazy to be true. I want to turn in his arms to look at him, but his weight is too heavy. I have to use all my force to finally get him to move enough for me to be able to roll over. He sleeps like the dead.

The only light in the room comes from the candles on the fireplace. Kane lit them after our third round of sex. Or was it the fourth? I’d wanted more light in the room to see him better. He was a little hesitant at first, but when I said please he moved quickly to give me what I wanted. Too quickly, in fact.

There are a lot of things about Kane that aren’t adding up. Things that should be scaring me. Like when his eyes flashed and they appeared to be different colors. The way he could move his body and how he could read my mind. It’s like I was in his and he was in mine. Our connection was so deep that it couldn’t be real. Sex must be messing with my head.

I reach out and run my finger down his face, feeling the scars. I wonder what happened to him. Not just the pain that caused the scars, but also the pain of locking himself away from the world. I know that’s what he was doing with how he shielded his face from me.

I don’t think the scars make him ugly by any means. Maybe it’s wrong to find them sexy. But between them and his size, I’m drawn to him. He’s like a scarred warrior who’s always ready for battle. He could handle anything, and it makes me feel safe. It’s a feeling I’ve never had before, and oddly I have it here in his arms. I could feel the pull to come back here last night and I always trust my gut. It’s kept me safe my whole life.

Suddenly Kane’s eyes fly open and his arm locks around me. It nearly takes the air right out of my lungs.

“Sorry,” he rushes to say and loosens his hold. I watch the black that had taken over his eyes retreat. Or at least that what it looked like. But maybe it’s the light from the candles playing tricks on me. “I thought maybe I dreamed you.”

I smile. “I was scared I’d dreamed you, too,” I admit. I lean up and brush my mouth against his. He wastes no time flipping us so I’m under him and he kisses me back. He knees my legs apart and easily thrusts inside of me. Last night’s love-making still coats the inside of me. It has my body wet and ready for him, and I moan at the sensation. I thought with it being my first time only hours ago and how big he is, it would hurt more. But all I’ve felt is pure pleasure. It’s addictive and consuming.

“Yes,” I whisper as he thrusts in and out of me.

It isn’t long before we are both cumming once again. I’ve lost count of how many orgasms he’s given me. He drops down but doesn’t allow his weight to hit me as he kisses and licks my neck. I’ve noticed he always likes to have his mouth on me. Not that I’m complaining.

“Are you sore?”

“Sore is not what I am right now. I’m pretty sure this might be what heaven feels like,” I laugh. My whole body is buzzing in delight. Then my stomach lets out a loud growl and I laugh again.

Kane’s face grows even more serious. “How could I forget to feed you?”

He shakes his head and pulls out of my body. I moan as his hard cock slips free. That’s another odd thing about Kane. The man is always hard. Isn’t it supposed to go down at some point?

I hear him mumbling about taking better care of me and something about me being human. I sit up and watch him move about the room as he gets dressed and talks to himself. I have to fight a laugh because it’s adorable and also sweet that he’s so worried about taking care of me. Another first for me. I was always the care-taker when I was growing up, making sure the other kids around me were fed and doing what they were supposed to.

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