When I open my eyes I see several men looking at me. I smile and then try to remember how to flirt. It’s been so long, but I want to know what it feels like when a man comes on to me. I move towards the bar and order a random drink. I don’t care what it is because I won’t drink it.

My eyes scan the bar for just a moment when I lock eyes with someone. His gaze narrows in a challenge and I’m not about to back down. I’ve never seen him before, but I know he’s a vampire. He looks as though he recognizes me, but I can’t say the same about him. I stand to make my way towards him, but a hand lands on my shoulder.

“A lady should never leave her drink alone at a bar,” the man sitting next to me says.

“You’re right.” I give him a full smile and pick it up. I take a small sip while glancing over to see that the other vampire is gone now. I’ll have to tell Bishop about him, which means I’m also going to have to confess to sneaking out. Normally vampires let each other know when they venture into their areas. It’s a code of respect, and this city is Bishop’s. I inwardly sigh, knowing telling him is going to be a pain in the ass. It’s as if I’m in high school and not a grown woman. Though he keeps reminding me that even as a grown woman, my choices aren’t always the best. His comment from the day before still burns, and the place where my scar is throbs. I tell myself everyone makes mistakes and I can only hope I’ve learned from mine.

“What’s your name?” the human beside me asks. “I’ve never seen you here before and I’m sure I’d remember you.” His eyes roam over my body and I know he enjoys what he sees. I can smell his lust, and the way he’s looking at my tight red dress leaves little to the imagination.

“Can I kiss you?” I ask, cutting right to the point.

I fear the more I talk to him the less I’ll like him, so it’s better to do it now. He isn’t bad looking and he’s the type of man I would have been happy to be with a long time ago. His eyes widen for a moment before he reaches for my waist and pulls me into him. I have to force my body to relax so that I can try and see if this is what I want.

“I like a woman who says what she wants.”

I close my eyes, prepared for what’s coming. My stomach turns, but I push on as I clench my hands into fists at my side so that I don’t shove him away. I need to see if this will be different. I need to know why I miss Valen’s arrogant remarks and why with my eyes closed it’s his face I’m seeing. I lean in a little as I wait for his lips to meet mine, but nothing happens.

Instead of warm lips against mine, I feel a whoosh of cold air as my eyes open and see Valen standing in front of me. He’s angry as he stares down at my pursed lips and he leans in close. The scent of warm syrup invades my senses and my body aches for him to come closer.

At one time I thought Bishop had a look that could kill, but he has nothing on my Valen.



I don’t know how I found her so easily. If someone put a gun to my head I couldn’t explain it. But I was walking down the street and suddenly I turned in the opposite direction, nearly knocking people over. Something inside of me pulled me to this place, and I knew as soon as I opened the door that she was here and she was anxious.

Maybe it’s the slayer bloodline or the instincts that I’ve honed over the years, but it all led me to her. The city is big enough that she could have been in one of a thousand places, but she wasn’t. She was in the bar I knew I needed to go to and she was hungry for me.

“What are you doing here?” she says as she tilts her head back to look at me.

I can sense that she’s calm now and whatever stressed her out just seconds ago isn’t there anymore. She’s warm and pliable and I want to bend her over the stool and sink into her.

“Stopping you from making a mistake.” I ignore the man cursing at me as he walks away. He’s smart to leave me with her and not try and stake a claim.

“I don’t need you to interfere with my love life. I’ve got brothers to do that for me.” She juts her chin out defiantly, and I grab it with my thumb and forefinger.

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