“Fuck the door.” He takes my mouth in a deep kiss filled with so much raw passion that I know in this moment this was never a game for him. It was never just a one-night stand. He was staking his claim on me as much as I’d just staked mine on him.

“Not just the door,” I breathe as I pull away from his mouth, and we’re soon heading for my bedroom.



I press her against the wall and plant my hands on either side of her. “You have no idea what you’ve woken up inside me,” I say as I run my nose along her jaw. “You talk about when you were changed and how Bishop created you…” My teeth graze her neck and she trembles under my touch. “Did you stop and think that maybe you’re the one that created me?”

Her hands move to my stomach and then lower until her fingers are fumbling with my pants.

“I love you so much, Ravana.” My chest tightens when her hand dips down into my boxer briefs and wraps around my cock. “I don’t care if they are your family, I won’t let anyone get in our way ever again.” It was so hard waiting for the sun to set to go to her. I knew she needed a moment with them and I didn’t want to rain down hell on them all when the sun was out that could end up with her or the people she calls her family getting hurt. As much as I wanted to beat the shit out of them, it would kill me that it would hurt her seeing me do that. But I would if I had to. Luckily it hasn’t come to that.

Her grip tightens as she moves up and down my length. I can’t think straight, but when I feel her lips on my neck everything focuses on that. I want her bite again. I could feel her hunger when I was in my way to her. She’d been in pain and needed me. I hated that, but a darker part of me enjoyed that she needed me so badly. Only me.

“Do it,” I command, and I feel her gently bite down. I hiss when her other hand joins in and she doubles her effort on my cock. Her tongue glides across the bite and I can feel our bodies connect. It’s unreal and so powerful that I have to force myself to stand upright.

She slowly lowers herself to her knees in front of me and pulls out my cock. She tongues the end of it and I growl as I grip her dark hair.

“That’s enough,” I say, pulling her back after only a few licks. I love her mouth, but it’s not what I’m after right now. “Get on all fours,” I order. I know it turns her on when I boss her around during sex. And it fucking turns me on when she does as I say, not because I say so but because she wants to please me.

She does as I ask and I pull my shirt off as I get down on the floor with her. I push her dress up around her waist and then grab the edge of her panties. I slide them down her ass and around her thighs as I kiss across her cheeks. Every inch of her is so soft. Softer than anything I’ve ever touched before.

“Spread your knees.”

Again, she does what I tell her, spreading her legs as much as she can with her panties stopping her from going too far. I lean down and kiss the backs of her thighs before I lick my way to her center. Her full ass presses up against my face as my tongue finds her pussy lips. I lick her wet clit and taste her sweetness, gripping her cheeks and pulling her tighter against me. Her hips begin to rock with the motion and soon she’s riding my face. I love how freely she gives herself over to me, and over to the pleasure.

“Valen, I’m dying for you. It’s been too long.”

It’s only been hours, but it feels like weeks. How can I be so desperate for her in such a short time? It’s the bond between us, and now I’ll never be without her again. She’s everything to me and I swear on my life that I’ll keep her safe.

“Just let me taste you first,” I say as I suck on her clit. “I need it, princess.”

She moans as her orgasm bears down on her. I can’t enter her without the taste of her pussy on my lips, and I want her to cum for me. I give her ass a slight spank and she cries out as her thighs tighten. She pushes her pussy against my mouth hard and cums on my tongue.

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