“Someone is watching us,” Ezra says, keeping his voice low.

This time his eyes go to the man I was lost in moments ago. He’s big and imposing as he leans against the doorframe watching us. He’s bigger than the twins, and for half a second, I wonder if he’s a vampire. There’s something about our kind that has a connection, and when you see one you know. This man is human, but the way my body is reacting to him is otherworldly.



The three of them turn their eyes on me as I stand there and stare. The only thing I’m concerned about is the dark-haired beauty between the men and the best way to get her alone. She’s a vampire, but she doesn’t know who I am. Right now, I shouldn’t be showing myself so carelessly to them, but I’m being cocky. They have skills that I don’t possess, but I’ve got a treasure trove of my own. I’ve trained my whole life to fight against men just like them, and I’ll do what I have to in order to get close to her.

They could turn around and exit through the rear door of the theater, but I’m hoping they’ll come closer to me. It’s a gamble, but I’m not one to back down. When I see her reach out and touch one of the men I grind my teeth. I don’t like her hands on them. Are they all together? They seem protective of her now, but throughout the show they didn’t extend any intimate touches. If she were mine and we were in the dark, there’s no way I could keep my hands from slipping under her dress. I’d be desperate to touch her warmth and see if she was wet like a human woman would be. Would she make the same sounds if I bent her over the seat and buried my cock inside her? If I licked her pussy, would she whimper like a little girl?

She leans up and whispers to one of the twins and they both shake their heads. She steps around them and walks to the back of the theater, but not before she looks back over her shoulder at me. I give her an arrogant smile and raise my chin as I slip out of the door and walk around the back of the theater to see where she’s going.

I’m surprised she didn’t come my way, but then again it looked like she was ditching the dynamic duo.

When I get to the lobby area there are hundreds of people milling about and trying to leave. It’s easy for me to blend into the shadows as I work my way around to the ladies’ room. I have a feeling that’s where she’s gone.

I feel her before I see her as I near the crowd. I step to the side and up against the wall just as she passes by in front of me. Before I think about what I’m doing, I reach out and grab her arm and pull her to me. I quickly turn and put her back against the wall and stand in front of her to shield her from view. My body is pressed against hers and my mouth is a breath away as I smile at her like she’s mine.

“You tired of eye fucking me across the room and ready for the real thing, princess?”

Her jaw tightens and her eyes narrow, but I notice she doesn’t push me away. “All I have to do is scream and you’ll be ripped apart.” Her eyes flash and I believe what she’s saying is the truth.

“You wouldn’t want to end the fun before it’s even started.” I place a hand on the wall beside her and I can feel the crowd at my back. We’re in a dark corner, and if the two men with her think she’s in the restroom, then we have some time. “How about you ditch Thing One and Two and you let me take you home.”

“Does this work with your usual street trash?” Her lips tighten together and I wonder for a second if she’s jealous.

“I’ve never seen someone that looked like fine silk. I’m not even worthy to touch your skin. So maybe that’s my problem, I should have taken a princess to bed.”

She rolls her eyes, but I catch the edge of her lips fighting a smile. “Stop calling me that.”

“If the glass slipper fits.” I reach out and touch under her chin so she looks up at me. “I’m Valen, tell me who you are.”

“Why should I tell you anything?” She licks her lips and I lean closer, desperate to taste her.

“Because we both know you want to.” I lean forward and brush my cheek against hers before I whisper in her ear. “Because when I’m balls deep I want to know whose name to shout.”

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