Right now I might have everything I’ve been looking for at my fingertips. I open the book and the first thing I see is a wanted picture of Ezra and Erik. The date at the bottom is from over a hundred years ago, but I know it’s them even if their names are different. The picture is in black and white and the paper is worn and old, but there’s no mistaking those eyes.

I stare at it in disbelief because the list of crimes against them can’t possibly be real. They’d been accused of murdering their own father then burning the house down with him inside it. That still isn’t the worst. It was believed they killed their father because he discovered they’d been responsible for the disappearance of ten women in their town—women that were later discovered in a grave on the land their family owned. The paper states the reward at the bottom and indicates the police had no leads on their whereabouts at that time.

I can’t stop myself from looking at the pages of newspapers that feature each missing girl. As I read, it seems they were all beautiful and young and around my age. They all looked similar, too: tall and thin with short red hair. I read the words but still find it hard to believe that Ezra and Erik are capable of anything like this.

My hands shake as I shut the book, unable to keep reading. I don’t know if the rest is about the twins or the other vampires. From what I’ve pieced together, all five of them move together, but with the addition of Juliet, it’s now six. We weren’t super close, but I never wanted something to happen to her. I can’t see Kane harming a hair on her or letting anyone else either. The nagging feeling in the back of my mind that I can’t seem to shake is that Ravana is so similar to the description of all the women who went missing. They say serial killers have a type, and she fits it perfectly.

I grab my stuff in a rush and go upstairs. When I get there, I power up one of the computers and begin searching for missing people over the last year. There were a handful of women who disappeared: all tall, thin, and around the same age with red hair. It’s all the same as before. I should really watch the news more. I had no idea this was even going on because I always pick books over the television.

I turn off the computer and pick up my bag. Should I have not stopped following them? My brain tells me to stay away because they could be killing these women, but my heart tells me it can’t be true. Either way it gives me a reason to go back, but it’s not like I needed much of a shove to begin with.

I should have planned all of this out better, but before I know it I’m tripping over rocks in the woods behind their house.

“A flashlight might have been a good idea,” I mutter to myself as I stand up and brush the dirt off my jeans.

I should have known this was a bad idea when I almost broke my leg climbing the wall that surrounds their property. Why did their home have to be so far back from the road, and why did I get the bright idea to come from the point that was the farthest from their house? I’m trying to sneak in, but as much as I keep falling and tripping over crap, someone is bound to hear me soon enough. I’m sure vampires have super hearing like in all the books I’ve read. I dust my hands off, happy I didn’t bring my bag with me. Normally I take it everywhere, but I knew I’d have a hard enough time getting myself over that wall.

I stand there debating what I should do. I keep telling myself I came here because they could have a woman locked away in their home. I have to make sure they haven’t done this to someone else, and if I called the cops they would think I was crazy. Not that I wouldn’t agree with them in this moment.

I already know Ravana is fine because that’s the first place I drove by. She was leaving the house with the same man I saw the twins attack at the play. The same guy who told me he was a cop and asked me all kinds of questions.

Maybe he is a cop and wants to help Ravana. If I would have kept watching the houses like I was before the theater, then maybe I would know a little more and not be so confused.

If I’m honest with myself and face reality, the real reason I came here was to see them and maybe even get caught by them. I still can’t believe they harmed those women, but a month ago I wouldn’t have believed vampires were real. I’m starting to think I can’t believe anything anymore, which is a sad thought.

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