Her hands slide up my chest and I feel her grip the jacket of my suit. I pull at the material, wanting it away from my body and wanting her skin against mine. I’m suddenly frantic with the need to have her and to love every inch of her body. She reaches for the buttons of my shirt and I can sense her urgency as well.

“I need you,” I say as I kiss down her neck and graze my teeth along her delicate flesh. I grind my hard cock against her and she gasps, spreading her legs. The warm cradle of her thighs welcomes me and I grind against her. “We drink from each other, that’s how you stay mine forever.”

She moans as I press her against the wall and pull my shirt off. She scores her nails down my bare chest and I want to howl with excitement. My hands go to her dress and I bunch the fabric around her waist so that I can feel her heat against me. I trace my fingers along the edge of her panties, kissing my way down her collar bone.

“Will you bite me?” she asks, and I lean back a little to see the need in her eyes.

“Whenever you ask me to,” I say and kneel down in front of her. “Hold this up for me.”

She grabs the edge of her dress and lifts it so I can see her white panties exposed. The sight of her before me and the scent of her desire have my head dizzy with lust. How can she be so pure and sweet and want a man like me? I might not be the man she deserves, but I’ll be better for her. I’ll be the best that I can be and give her all that she desires.

I gently peel her panties down, exposing her bare pussy and pink lips. They’re fresh with dew and I feel my teeth ache to taste her and to bite.

“You’re untouched, aren’t you, love?” I ask as I rub my thumb between her lips. I look up and lock eyes with her. She nods and bites her bottom lip. “You won’t be any longer.”

She steps out of her panties as I lean forward and run my tongue along the seam of her pussy. Her body tenses but then immediately relaxes when she lets me taste her. The warm sweet cinnamon is strongest here, and I moan at the flavor. How can she taste so heavenly? Do all mates feel the same way?

I pick up one leg and put it on my shoulder as my hands go to her ass. I grip her hard and open my mouth over her pussy, sucking on her clit. She calls my name and her hands go to my shoulders as she rolls her hips against my face. It’s dirty and sexy, watching her working her body to get off.

She rides my face and her body trembles, and I know her orgasm is fast approaching. She might be a virgin, but she’s hungry to become a woman, and I’m going to make her that soon enough.

The need to have her is overwhelming and I can’t control my urges much longer. As her body coils tight, I slide two fingers inside of her and feel her virginity break. She cries out as she peaks and her orgasm hits her hard. I suck on her clit while she rides the wave of pleasure and calls out my name.

I can taste her virgin blood on my tongue, and I lick her clean and kiss the inside of her thigh. Before I can tell her what I’m going to do, I sink my teeth into the soft flesh and break the skin. She cries as another orgasm rolls over her and I smile, tasting her blood.

I close my eyes and moan as I drink from her and feel the bond warm my body. I’m hard as a rock and it’s getting worse since my body has been waiting for this moment for two hundred years. I can’t wait much longer, but I don’t know how long I’ll last.

When I’ve tasted enough of her for now, I lick the wound closed and then stand up. Her hands still hold tight to the dress, so I pry the material free and then take it off her body. She’s completely bare before me and I’ve never seen anything more beautiful.

Her legs are shaky, and I hold her close as I walk over to the small couch in the corner of the room. I sit down and help her straddle me, leaning back a little. Her hands go to the waist of my slacks and I help her undo them and take my cock out. It’s so thick I’m not sure it will fit inside her, but I don’t feel her fear. Instead I sense excitement and something else so much deeper.

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