I thrust my heavy cock inside her and her body quakes as she climaxes. I can feel her soft pussy welcome my seed. I release what I’ve been holding back and cum inside of her waiting womb. It’s hot and wet and there’s so much I can feel it run out between us.

I’m beyond control in this moment, so I reach down and scoop up what’s dripped out and wipe it across her belly. I want my cum to cover her body and for her to bathe in my scent. I never knew I could be so possessive of one thing, and it just so happens to be my mate. I want her pregnant and bound to me in every way possible, even if we’re already destined for forever.

“I love you so much,” she says as she gasps to catch her breath.

I lick the small wound on her breast and then my wrist before I roll us over.

“I love you more than I ever dreamed possible,” I say as I kiss her lips softly and run my finger through her hair while she nuzzles my chest.

We lie there in silence for so long just thinking about our love and how happy we are. Our connection through our mind is so pure and honest that I don’t have to hide anything from her.

I never understood the research I found on mating and even in observing couples I met. I couldn’t understand the unspoken connection between them, and I know my link with Loren is special. My bond to her is so different; it’s one of a kind. I’ve been searching for everything I could find on mated couples for the past two hundred years and I pull all that forward so she can see how perfect and unique this is.

She sits up and my cock sinks deeper into her as she straddles me. She smiles down at me like I’m being foolish, and I turn my head to the side.

“What?” I ask, not understanding her thought process.

“The fact that you can’t believe this is different is funny to me,” she says as she rocks her hips, and now it’s my turn to moan. “I knew the first time I saw your picture that something was there. And you’ve been dreaming about me since the night you were created.”

I grab onto her hips and hold her steady so I can concentrate on what she’s saying.

“Our connection and what we can share is what makes us great. We have so much ahead of us to accomplish, and together we’ll rule.”

“Forever,” I say as I release her hips and she begins to move again.


There is nothing that will stand in the way of the world we want to create. Her heart is pure and my body is strong, and with her by my side we’ll have all that we’ve dreamed of.

Even with our new friend Grim living among us.


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