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Brian is totally oblivious to my thoughts as he goes on about work and our projects. He talks about the places we’ve visited and some of the things that we’ve seen, but in my mind nothing compares to her.

“Here you go,” the waitress chimes as she sets my food down in front of me. Everyone gets their food, but she chooses to lean down and single me out. “What do you think?”

I glance down and catch a full show of her cleavage all the way down the front of her shirt. She’s looking right at me with expectant eyes as she runs her tongue along her bottom lip.

While I don’t want to embarrass this woman, I want to quell any hopes she has that her behavior is working. I lean away from her as far as I can and clear my throat. It’s not her fault the most beautiful woman in the world is beside me, but she needs to recognize it.

“I’m all set,” I say as I turn to ask Sage. “Bombshell?”

She’s smiling when she looks up from her plate, but it drops instantly when she sees the waitress leaning over on full display.

At this point the waitress realizes her position and straightens up. Sage tightens her lips into a line and I have to fight a smile at the fire in her eyes.

“No, thank you,” she says politely.

“I’ve got everything I need,” I say, but I don’t take my eyes off Sage as the waitress makes some kind of noise and then walks away. Brian is on his phone again and must have missed the entire exchange. Seems I’m not the only one acting out of character tonight.

Sage grabs her knife and fork and begins to cut her steak as I slide my hand back under her dress. I don’t play with her pussy this time because I don’t want her to choke, but I’m sick of not touching her.

“How are you planning on eating like that?” she asks me in a low voice.

“Maybe you can feed it to me,” I suggest.

Her cheeks redden and I can’t tell if she likes the idea of feeding me or not.

“Besides, this is just an appetizer.” Her eyes widen at the massive steak on my plate, but I just grin at her. “I’m a growing boy. I need to eat regularly.”

Is it my imagination or did her legs open just a little more? Fuck, I can’t keep my hands off her.

Brian holds up a hand and then excuses himself from the table. I watch as he walks to the back of the room, but he’s still close enough that I can’t make a move. I want to maul Sage and take her down to the floor, but I don’t want her family banned from this place after what I’d do to her in public.

“You talk to me like you have the right to say whatever you want,” she says as she leans over and cuts off a piece of my steak. I think for a second she’s going to feed it to me, but she brings it to her mouth and takes a bite.

I watch as she chews and I want to grab her ass and then spank it. “You like it,” I say as I lean in close. “Now feed me while I play with your pussy before your brother walks back over here.”

She gasps as I push her panties to the side and sink my fingers into her creamy warmth. She’s syrupy with need and I fucking moan at the feel of her snug grip. Her pussy is tighter than Fort Knox, but I’m the man to break it in.

She opens her mouth to speak but then closes it. With trembling fingers, she cuts me a piece of the steak and holds it to my mouth as her eyes lock with mine. I take it slowly with my teeth as I fuck in and out of her wetness. Even I can hear how soaked she is, and all it does is make me want to clear the plates off the table and raw dog her in the middle of this family establishment. Why not show these nice people where babies come from?

When my thumb grazes her clit, I have to wrap an arm around her back to keep her from coming out of her chair.

“Easy,” I say as I glance over to make sure her brother isn’t in direct sight. “You can let that pretty pussy pop all over me right now, but you keep that mouth closed. Unless you’re planning on screaming my name right now, nobody but me gets to hear you cum.”

She buries her face in my neck and I feel her lips there as she tries to smother the sounds she’s making. For just a moment it looks like she’s leaning over to tell me something, but when I put a third finger inside her she comes undone.