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“Dating?” I jump at the deep voice from behind me.

When I turn around, I see Jensen standing there with my dad and brother and all of them are staring me down. Jensen looks as handsome as ever and I wonder where he went. It’s Thanksgiving, so there aren’t many options. He said he was single, but don’t people have hookups or whatever?

Shockingly my mom takes my side on the issue. “I know this one guy now that you mention it.” I turn to look at her in surprise, and she rolls her eyes. “It’s time, and besides, someone needs to give me grandbabies and we all know it’s not going to be your brother.” She shoots a look past me to Brian. “Close your mouths, you all look ridiculous.”

I have to bite my lip to keep from laughing as I hear mumbled words from behind me.

“Out of my kitchen and take these trays with you,” she says to them in a tone that makes them move. She hands Jensen one and smiles at him. “Good to see you again, honey. I’m happy you joined us.” She leans up and gives him a kiss on his cheek before pushing him out of the room as she did the others.

“It’s so sad he has no family,” she whispers to me when he’s gone. She hands me a pot and I nod in agreement. I might be angry with him at the moment, but it is sad. “He hides his loneliness well with that stoic expression. Men.” She shakes her head. “Smile, sugar, let’s show him he’s welcome here. He’s a good man, and I hope he comes back. He should have a family, and we can give him that.”

Now it’s my turn to get a kiss on the cheek as her words rattle about in my head. I walk into the formal dining room we never use but on holidays and I see Jensen is the only one there. He’s pacing and stops when I enter. He comes right to me and takes the pot of mash potatoes from my hands.

“Let me,” he says as his eyes lock with mine. He looks pissed and there’s a warning there. I keep on smiling. I have no idea why he’s angry. I’m not the one who snuck out of bed then out of the freaking condo.

He breaks our stare as he places the pot on the table more forcefully then he should.

“Jesus,” my brother says to him as he walks in and barely looks up from his phone. “I see the run today didn’t cool you off.”

“Phones away,” my mom chirps, breezing into the dining room. My dad gets up and takes the turkey from her and brings it over to the table. Jensen pulls out a chair for me and I notice he’s going to sit next to me and I’m not playing that game again.

“I’m going to use the restroom really quick.” I turn and leave the dining room to make my escape. I’ll come back in a minute when everyone is sitting and pick a chair that’s not next to his.

When I open the bathroom door, I let out a small yelp of surprise when I’m shoved inside. Jensen turns me and presses my back to the wall as the door closes behind him. His mouth comes down onto mine and I gasp as he steals the opportunity to push his tongue into my mouth. He takes what he wants and all the desire from yesterday comes rushing back. This man has more power over me than he should, and I’m helpless against it. It’s scary and exhilarating all at once and he’s easy to get lost in.

This kiss is hard and messy, and I’m desperate for it, but just as soon as I begin to crave more it’s over. He rests his forehead against mine as we both try to catch our breath.

“You’re not dating,” he says with finality as I look into his eyes. I nod in agreement because the tone of his voice and his demand is not helping with how turned on I am. I should smack him, but instead I stand there and nod. “No more lip gloss either. I only want to taste you, bombshell.”

That’s all he says before he releases me and storms out of the bathroom, leaving me in a daze.

I glance at myself in the mirror and see my lips are red and swollen and my hair is a mess. He must have had his hands in it, but I didn’t notice. I was too busy focusing on my body burning up at his touch to think about what he was doing.

This man is going to ruin me, but every part of me wants him to.

Chapter Seven


This could be the best dinner I’ve ever eaten in my life, but I’m too busy being distracted by Sage and the sounds she’s making. When I walked back to the table from the bathroom, I stood by it and waited for her to get back before I took my seat. It also worked out in my favor that her dad took away the extra chairs so she had no choice but to be by my side. I’m going to have to remember to thank him.