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“I agree with your father,” I say, and she stops abruptly to glare at me.

“I’ve got enough people in my life telling me what to do. I don’t need you to do the same, Jensen.”

The way she says my name makes my cock swell. She jerks her hand out of mine and stomps ahead. She’s good and pissed right now, but I don’t plan on backing down.

I follow after her and snatch her wrist as I pull her into the trees. Once we are out of sight of the house, I push her up against a large oak and press my body to hers.

“The next time my name crosses your lips, my cock is going to be inside you.” I lean in so close that the heat of her breath is on my face. “I won’t ever back down when it comes to keeping you safe. You’re too fucking special to risk anything happening to you.”

“I managed just fine before you showed up here.” She raises her chin, but it only puts her lips closer to mine.

“But now I’m here and you’ll never have to know what that’s like again.” I lick my lips and smile at her.

“You’re so cocky.” There’s heat to her words, but I don’t deny it. “And you’re a liar. You’ll be out of here come Monday and I’ll be the one left behind to figure things out. You have to travel, remember?”

“You think I’d run out of here so easily?” I challenge as I kick her feet apart and wedge myself between her legs.

“I do,” she says, giving it right back to me.

Her breath catches in her throat when I reach down and yank her dress up and rub her panty-covered pussy. “There’s nowhere else I’d rather be, bombshell,” I say as I stroke her heat slowly. “There’s no one else I’d rather be with.”

I press my lips to hers and all of her frustration and anger melts away. I feel her soften in my arms, her hips moving back and forth as she tries to move my fingers against her pussy.

“Jensen,” she whispers, but I bite her bottom lip.

“Tonight,” I say before I kiss her neck. “You’ll get it tonight.” My fingers push past her panties and right into her wet silk. “I’ll take care of you right now, but I want you to be a good girl when we go back inside.”

I thrust two fingers inside her as my thumb moves to her clit.

“I need you,” she whines, wiggling on me.

“I need you to stop talking before I fuck you against this tree.” I grit my teeth and rub her G-spot as I feel her tighten on my fingers. “Goddammit, why do you have to tempt me like this? It’s not right; a man can only take so much.”

“Don’t make me wait,” she whines as she pulls me tight to her. “I want to feel you. Just a little bit, you don’t have to go all the way.”

I curse when she reaches down and pulls her dress up around her waist and then places her hand over my cock. It’s throbbing and her touch is like a brand. My jacket is huge on her and hides her from view, plus we are in the middle of woods away from the house and I’d see someone coming. Maybe I could just get my cock wet and jerk off on her.

I reach down to the front of my pants and yank them open as I grab my cock. I’m aching for her and for her wet pink folds to wrap around my length.

“You’re asking for this,” I tell her as I drag the head of my cock through her lips and grunt. It’s almost painful as her sweet juice slicks my cock. I want more, and I was fool to think I could stop.

“Again,” she whispers as her head falls back against the tree and I plant my feet on the ground.

I slip my fingers out of her pussy and drag her honey down my cock to make it wet. I jerk off as I rub the fat head against her clit while she rocks her hips. I can already feel pearls of cum leaking from me as I swipe them between her lips and make her creamy.

“You’re going to make me pop your cherry out here, aren’t you?” I grit my teeth and hiss, while she rolls her hips and the tip of my cock slides to her opening.

“You don’t have to go all the way in.” She looks at me with hooded eyes and all I want to do is grab her hips and go balls deep.

“But you want me to,” I say, edging just an inch or so more. “You’re begging me to do it with those fuck-me eyes and soft thighs spread wide. It might as well be an invitation to a baby shower.”