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The room is quiet and calm as a peace falls between us. I close my eyes and I’m filled with happiness because I’ve never felt so good or so cared for. I don’t want this moment to ever end, and when I feel his lips on the top of my head, I smile.

He pulls the blanket over us and doesn’t make a move to get up. I snuggle deeper against him as I feel myself drifting off to sleep.

“I love you, Sage.”

I hum in contentment because I’m having such a good dream.

Chapter Nine


“Breathe,” he whispers into my ear. My eyes fly open at the sound of his commanding voice and I suck in a deep breath. “There you go.” His voice softens, but it’s nothing like the rest of his body. I can feel the tension all over him, even though he stopped the nightmare.

I’m relieved but just as quickly I panic because I’m worried he’ll find out about my past. I don’t want him to ask about my nightmare because I can’t lie to him, and I’m not ready for things to change between us.

I lean up a little and softly touch my lips to his before he can ask me any questions. The distraction works when he groans and quickly takes over. He kisses me like I’m the last drop of water in the desert and it’s the only thing keeping him alive.

I sink my fingers into his hair because I need to hold on to him. In an instant, he’s sliding inside me and we’re making love again. Our hands and mouths are everywhere and he’s needy for me. His rough dominance holds me to the bed and I’m surrounded by him. He soothes all my worries and he’s not holding back. His fingers dig into my hips and he takes me harder as he thrusts into me. He takes over and does as he pleases and my body responds. It’s hot and fast, but it’s exactly what I need, and before I know what’s happening I’m giving in to my desire. Pleasure lights up inside me and I call out his name as I release onto his cock.

He doesn’t stop as he moans and keeps on going. He’s not done with me, but my body is spent and I hold him close as he finds his own end. When his warmth fills me, I clench around him to help him release every drop. I ignore how sore and tender I am between my legs because it’s worth it. I would endure anything for this pleasure and the feel of him inside me.

His thrusts slow, but he keeps on going even after I feel our combined release dripping out of me. He’s too worked up to stop and I don’t want him to. I don’t know how long we make love because one orgasm blends with the next. His movements slow to a stop, and I feel warm and tired and so happy.

I cling to him because I don’t want to fall asleep, but my eyes are so heavy.

“Bombshell,” he says softly as he rolls us over and keeps himself inside me.

He moves me so easily, and I sigh as I rest my head on his chest. I want to laugh at the name. If anyone is a bombshell it’s him because he’s blown my world wide open.

He rubs his big hands up and down my back and he sighs. “I was rough. I—”

“I loved it,” I cut him off because I don’t want to hear regret. My whole body tingles and I swear I can still feel his touch over every part of my body.

If you had asked me if I was loved last week, I would have said yes. My family loves me so much it’s suffocating. I don’t understand why their control feels so different from Jensen’s, but it is. Maybe because he doesn’t treat me like I’m made of glass. I’ve been doing it from the start even when I pretended to ignore him and acted like I wasn’t into his games. Deep down I knew all I was doing was baiting him.

His hand pauses for a moment when his fingers graze over my scar on my back. My heavy eyelids pop open and my chest tightens. He doesn’t say anything as he pauses for only a second and then keeps going. Maybe he didn’t feel it after all?

I calm down from my mild panic and then take a breath. With every heartbeat I feel better and move closer to sleep. I try and fight it because I don’t want to miss a moment with Jensen, but the steady rhythm of his breath matches mine as his hands move across my skin. It’s too much to fight and I give up.

I know when I wake up things will be different. If this is real, there won’t be any hiding, and I don’t think Jensen is a man who hides from anything. I don’t want to hide it, but I also don’t want the fight that I know will come from my family.