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“Jeez, sis, you’re a space cadet today.” Brian grabs his phone when a text message pops up, and Sage lets out a sigh of relief.

“Feeling overwhelmed?” I’m smug as I graze against the damp material with the lightest of touches.

When she turns her head to me her eyes are hooded with need, but I can tell she’s annoyed. Why does having the tables turned feel so fucking good?

“I’m fine,” she says as she clears her throat and licks her lips. “I’m sure whatever it is that’s come over me will be gone soon. Or at least over pretty quickly.”

Her words cut right through my triumph as the power is shifted back to her corner of the room. I want to take my hand away from her warmth, but she’s called my bluff, so I remain exactly where I am.

“So,” Brian says, ignoring the battle the two of us are having on our side of the table. He puts his phone down and levels me with a stare. For a second, I think he’s going to call me out for having my hand up his sister’s dress and playing with her pussy, but he doesn’t. “Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I know I’ve had a hard time convincing you to come.”

“I’m sure he’s a busy man,” Sage says as she straightens up in her seat and tries to scoot away from my touch. “Don’t be too hard on him, Brian. I’m sure Jensen has a lot of options.”

I turn my eyes on her, but she won’t look at me. She’s smiling softly and I wonder if she has a lot of options. Brian said she wasn’t dating anyone, but even if she was there’s no ring on her finger. She’s fair game and it’s hunting season.

“You’re wrong,” I say, and finally she gives me those hazel eyes. “I don’t have anyone.” I pretend to drop my fork on the floor between us, and then I lean down and pull her dress up to reveal her smooth thigh. I brush my lips across the exposed skin for the briefest second before I grab my fork and sit up.

I place it on the edge of the table and a server comes by to bring me another. The young guy also drops off some bread that I offer to Sage. We all have some and Brian seems in good spirits.

“Well, you’ve got us for the whole weekend,” he says as he tips his glass to me.

“That’s a promise,” I say as I pat her leg gently then pull the material of her dress back down to cover her up. I put my elbows on the table and steeple my fingers in front of my mouth so that I can smell her pussy on them. I see her out of the corner of my eye watching me with an open mouth as I make a show of inhaling and closing my eyes. Goddamn her and that pussy. Every fucking inch of her is driving me to combustion.

Brian makes some more small talk, but the only thing I can concentrate on is the throb between my legs. Every time Sage opens her mouth or smiles at something he’s saying, it pulses with need. I’m dripping against my thigh and making a mess of myself as my cum calls for her. This is a hunger like I’ve never had and there’s not enough meat in this restaurant to satisfy me.

“How is everyone doing?” the waitress asks, but she only looks at me.

“Can we have some more bread?” Sage asks, looking at the empty basket.

“So, you’ve had one already?” the waitress asks while picking up the basket and giving Sage a look that goes up and down her body. What the fuck is she trying to say?

“Yeah, I guess it’s fine. I can just wait for our meal.” Sage’s voice is small and I won’t fucking have that.

“The lady said she would like more bread.” I try and keep my temper under control, but it’s not working. “Is there a shortage?”

“Not at all. I’ll go grab it right now. Your food should be out in a second.” She smiles at me as she walks away and she just isn’t getting it.

“It’s okay, really. I’ll be fine.”

“You should have what you want.” I think of all the things I want and wonder if I’ll be getting them anytime soon.

The young guy from before comes back and places the bread on the table. I hold it out to Sage and let her take one before I get one for myself. I hold the butter out for her and she takes some as she smiles shyly.

“Thanks,” is all she says before she takes a bite of it.

I have a fantasy of spreading soft butter across her lips and then kissing her. I don’t know where these dark thoughts come from, but I just want to smear her body with things that make her shiny and slick so I can rub against her. I think about spreading icing on her pussy lips and my entire body goes rigid. I’ve never wanted to devour someone before, but my jaw aches with the need to consume her.