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“I’ve spent decades to build this up,” I say through clenched teeth. “And you’re going to destroy it in one day with that goddamn pussy.”

She cries out as her back arches and she cums on her fingers. I’m not strong enough to resist anymore and I shove two thick fingers into her and press on her G-spot to get her off harder. She’s so fucking tight, but I was right. She’s ripe and young and ready for breeding.

She went on and on about how my home was made for a family and that was the idea. But I’ve gotten busy with work and busy with life and it’s passed me by. Nora falling into my lap is the answer to what I’ve always wanted and it’s time to take what I want.

I slide my fingers out of her pussy and lick them off as I press the head of my cock to her opening and slide it through her wet folds. I’m going to breed her right here and right now on the floor of my chambers. I’m breaking about ten different laws by doing this, so why not go straight to hell instead of stopping to collect two hundred dollars?

I lean down and just as I’m about to thrust home I spot a white piece of paper next to her jeans on the floor. Even from here I can see the name of a man and a phone number on it. It’s enough to enrage me, and as I look down at her I feel possession like I’ve never felt before.

Leaning back, I shove my cock back into my pants and buckle my belt. There’s a confused look on her face as she sits up.

“What’s wrong?” she asks as she looks down my body and then at her own.

“Who’s Paul?”

Chapter Six


I stare at Smith in total confusion. I can barely think straight right now and he’s asking me who someone is?

He’s pacing back and forth, and I sit there unsure of what to do. Everything with him is always one extreme to another. I grab my shirt and pull it on over my head, suddenly feeling awkward as he tracks a path like a caged animal. Next I reach for my jeans, but when I grab them he’s there beside me yanking them out of my hand.

I let go of them and back up one step and then another. He matches my retreating pace and never lets me have more than a few inches between us.

“Who’s Paul?” he asks again. His voice is deep and deadly.

I’m still not sure who the heck he’s talking about, but I know one thing. I wouldn’t want to be Paul, that’s for sure. I place my hands on his firm chest and his eyes go from mine down to my hands. I’m not trying to push him away. I only want to calm him down.

His eyes are wild and I wonder if comparing him to an animal is all too accurate. I have to tilt my head back to look at him. He plants his hands on the wall on either side of me and he leans down close. Maybe I should be pushing him away with that wild look in his eyes, but my nipples harden underneath my shirt and I ache to pull him closer.

“If this Paul has touched you…” His warm breath hits my face with a lingering smell of mint. He pauses for a moment, and I know what he’s going to say. I can read it all over his face. I raise my hand and cover his mouth to cut him off before he can.

“I don’t know who Paul is, but he’s never touched me.” His eyes narrow as he pulls my hand away from mouth.

“His number was in the pocket of your jeans.” I can tell his anger has faded, but not much.

My mouth opens when I realize I’d already forgotten all about Paul giving me his number. He and the rest of the world are so far away when I’m this close to Smith. He makes me forget everything.

“Oh, it’s Paul from school.”

“Paul from school.” He repeats my words as if they’re foreign to him and he doesn’t understand them.

“I took it so I wouldn’t be rude. I wasn’t going to call him.”

“Next time be fucking rude,” he orders, and it’s my turn to narrow my eyes.

I should be pissed at his comment. He’s not my father, but he sure does try and act like it. I open my mouth to tell him he isn’t, but before I can get a word out his mouth lands on mine.

The kiss is hard and punishing just like he is. His tongue pushes right into my mouth without teasing or tentative asking. He’s taking what he wants and claiming me as his. At first I’m shocked, but then I’m so turned on I’m close to combusting. I slide my hands up his chest and into his hair as I grab hold of him. I climb his body as my legs go around his waist, wanting to be closer to him as he pins me to the wall. I hear things fall all around us, but I ignore it and so does he.