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When the dust settled, everyone who belonged in jail was there and would be there for a very long time. If not forever by the time Smith was done with them. Things couldn’t have worked out more perfectly. I’m even a little thankful for my horrible uncle. If it wasn’t for him, I might not have ever met my Smith. I shake my head at my own thoughts, knowing one way or another Smith would have found me. I know it.

I step out of the office and head towards the front of the building. I try and keep my head down so no one sees me. Smith would laugh at the thought. He thinks everyone sees me. I swear the man thinks I walk around with a spotlight on me drawing everyone’s eye. I don’t see it, or maybe I don’t notice it, I guess.

I hear someone say my name, but I don’t look up. I keep moving, making my way outside and hope it wasn’t one of the guards from the courthouse. They’d totally rat me out. I’m going to end up with a tracker back on my ankle over an ice-cream cone. When I see the truck, I know it’s worth it.

“Strawberry, please,” I tell the man. I pull out some money and set it on the ledge of the window. He turns back and hands me the ice-cream cone. I take a giant lick and moan as the taste fills my mouth. You’d think I hadn’t eaten all day, but I had lunch not even an hour ago with Smith. Still, when a craving hits me, I can be unstoppable until I get what I want. I really think these boys are going to be a lot like their father.

“No charge,” the man says. I open my eyes, not realizing I’d even closed them. His eyes roam over me, then suddenly grow wide with fear. I don’t even have to turn around to know what he’s looking at. He puts his hands up, steps back from his window and shuts it. I have a feeling this ice cream truck isn’t going to sit here anymore. Dang it.

I turn around to see my husband standing there looking down at me. I give him the sweetest, most innocent smile that I can. “I got strawberry,” I tell him, holding up my ice cream.

“I hope it was worth it,” he drawls before I’m in the air and coming to rest in his arms, my ice cream hitting the ground.

“Hey!” I snip at him as he moves towards the courthouse. I would tell him he should put me down and that people will stare, but he won’t care. I think I even hear a few people laughing. Some think it’s funny how Smith acts around me. They say they never thought they’d ever see the day when he was chasing a wife around.

He wifed me before I even knew what was happening. Not that I was going to stop him. My center clenches thinking about it. My craving for ice cream leaves me and another one takes its place.

He slams his office door and I hear the lock click into place. Moments later his desk is cleared and I’m laid out on it for the taking.

“I think it’s time you gave Daddy his sweet treat since you already had yours.” I bite my lip, spreading my legs wide for him know what he wants to eat.

“I’m sorry, Daddy. I couldn’t help myself.” He raises an eyebrow at me, not believing I’m really sorry. He’s right. I’m not sorry at all.

“Daddy’s just going to have to make sure you have something to lick on before I leave you alone in my chambers so you don’t have those cravings while I’m gone. Make sure you get your fill,” he tells me as he undoes his slacks, pulling his cock out and stroking himself. I lick my lips when I see a drop of cum coat the tip. I want him in my mouth, but before I can try, he’s on me, taking what he wants and satisfying his own craving.




Six years later…

“Nora!” I bark as I tear through the bedroom.

I’m naked and my dick is hard as a rock. I was in court all day and she was sending me dirty pictures and teasing me.

I stop abruptly when I hear her giggle and I narrow my eyes at the closet door. It’s late afternoon and the kids are at swim lessons, so we’ve got the house to ourselves.

When I stomp over to the door, I grab the knob and yank it open to find her standing there in what can only be described as a scrap of dental floss. She opens her mouth to speak, but I reach out and snatch her up and throw her over my shoulder before she can say a word.