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When I’m naked I crawl on the bed behind her, my stiff cock standing straight up. I’m still so hard for her. I’ve never been so hard in my life, but seeing her little hymen and knowing I’ll be the first to fuck her makes my balls heavy with need. I don’t know what’s happening, what’s coming over me, but there is no stopping it.

I reach down and rub my balls, feeling their weight and thinking of all the semen I can give her. How I’m going to try and impregnate her. Yes, I think she’d look good with my fat, raw cock inside her, pumping her full of baby batter. I own her now, so I can do what I want.

Running my hand up my shaft, I pump it a few times, feeling drops of cum slide down its length. I reach out, pushing her thighs wider apart – thighs that will only ever open for me – so that all of her is exposed to me.

My cock is so hard, I have to bend it down to her opening so that I can get inside her. But instead of pushing into her like he demands, I wait and rub the tip all over her.

“One more orgasm from you, sweet princess, and I think your pussy will be soft enough for me. It’s so pink and wet, but I know you’re untouched, so you’ll need to be broken in.”

She mumbles my name, trying to push back. It makes me smile to see how much she wants this, too.

I push one little finger inside her and touch the ring I’m going to breach through.

“Right here, little one. This is what my cock is going to take. And believe me, he’s hungry for it.” She clenches around my finger, and I can’t stop the laugh that slips past my lips. “Seems like she wants some attention, too. You’re going to get it. Just be patient.”

She drips juice on my tip, and I rub it up to her pretty pink asshole, smearing it around. I won’t take her here first, but I want to own it. Mark it.

“Push back on me, baby. I think I can cum in here without hurting you.” I hold just the tip against her ass as she does exactly what I ask. “Good girl. Such a good little virgin.”

“Only for you.”

I keep still, and the pressure of her leaning against me holds my cock in place. I jack off my shaft a few times until I’m ready to cum again.

“Touch your clit for me, Liliana. I’m going to cum on your ass and then slip inside your cunt. I want all of you dripping with my seed when you take me for the first time.”

I watch as she dips her hand between her legs, and I see her arm moving furiously. She’s so close to the edge that it won’t take much, so I begin to cum on her.

She tenses and then relaxes so I’m able to slip some cum in her ass, but mostly it’s all around it. I smear the tip on it and then across her cheeks, drawing a big creamy heart on her right buttock. I smile, looking down on it as Liliana cums for me. This may all be new to her, but she’s taken to it like a duck to water. She’s become my little slutty virgin, only I’m about to revise that title. After today she won’t be a virgin anymore.

As I pet her back, she lowers her shoulder to the mattress, leaving her ass high in the air. It’s a good position for taking her pussy because I can watch and go slow. Savor this moment. Our first time together. The only pussy my cock will know until the end of time.

I lean over her, giving her kisses as my cock presses against her virgin opening. When I slip inside just the slightest bit, I feel her barrier stop me. She wants me inside her, so this is only a small deterrent.

“Deep breath, princess,” I say, and push through it.

She presses her face to the mattress and lets out a small cry, but otherwise she remains still. Her wet velvet sucks me in as I sink balls deep. Her tight cunt squeezes me like a vise and I have to take a few breaths to adjust to the constraint. I pepper kisses all over her back, letting her know how perfect she is, that she’s now my everything and I will be her everything, too. That this binds us together for all of time. After a moment, she begins to relax a little and the death grip she has on my dick eases.


I mumble the word as I look down at where we are joined. Pulling out slowly, I see the cherry stain on my cock – a symbol of my claim. I feel my cock throb at the sight, and I leave a trail of cum on her walls as I pull out and then slowly make my way back in.

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