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“Alexander,” Liliana moans, relaxing back into my thrusts.

She’s getting used to the feeling of me inside her, taking me farther into her on the second stroke. I run my palms up her back, never taking my eyes from our connection. Seeing her unclaimed pussy suck me in makes me want to nut.

“You’re mine now, Liliana. You’re mine forever. I’m taking you raw and I’m not pulling out. You’ll welcome my cum inside you, and you won’t ever ask me to stop. Right?” It’s not really a question.

I tear my eyes away from the beautiful image of her pussy taking me and look up to her face. She turns her head, licking her lips and nodding at me, saying yes.

“I’ll take such care of you. You’ll be my sweet little girl who eases the ache in my cock any time it gets hard. I imagine you’re going to be busy, princess, with how good this tiny cunt it.”

I start to thrust harder, taking what I want. She’s gripping the sheets and I can feel her clenching around me. I’m suddenly jealous of the sheets she has her fingers wrapped in, but I fight through it, wanting her to cum again. Gripping her hips, I keep my strokes even, using her pussy to jack me off, making sure I get in at just the right spot. It’s tighter than my fist and better than anything I’ve ever dreamed of.

“Now cum for me, little one. Cum all over my cock and take my semen. I want you coated in me.”

She moves her hips up a little and pushes back on my dick, spreading her legs wide. Her hand slips between her legs, and I feel her fingertips on my balls when I bottom out inside her. The feeling has me pressing into her one last time, and she rubs them, massaging out all of my cum into her pussy.

As I throb and release, she finds her peak and we cum together. Her juices coat my dick and run down the sides. The two of us combine to make a sticky, sweet mess.

I hold her close as I lie down beside her, still inside her. I want us to stay connected in the most primal way. Holding her in my arms, I kiss her shoulders and rub my hands all over her, feeling her soft body against mine.

“Let’s rest for a few minutes before I take you again.”

Chapter 5


“That was better than anything I’ve ever read about,” Liliana says after a few moments of quiet. “I’m so glad you found me.” I can hear the awe in her voice, and it makes me want to puff my chest with the knowledge that I put it there.

I nuzzle her neck and then take a nip of her skin, and she giggles. The sound sinks into me, making me smile. I didn’t know someone’s laugh could do that to you. The thought of never having it scares the shit out of me. I hold her tighter.

“You belong to me now, little one. I own you.”

I think I keep saying it for her benefit as well as my own. She will always be mine, no matter what, and I want to make sure she understands that. Especially now with my bare cock buried inside her and my cum leaking out of her pussy. I’m sure she’s bred with how much I put into her, but I’ll keep doing it just to make sure it takes root. To make sure I own every part of her. I need it.

“Why were you here all alone and waiting for me?”

I’m sure this is a question I should have asked before I took her, but there wasn’t enough time between seeing her and the need for her hitting me like a fucking truck. I slide my hand between her legs and cup her pussy, not playing with her, just holding it possessively while she tells me her story.

“I was raised by my grandmother. She died a few months ago, and I’ve been here all alone since. We had a few people who lived here and helped take care of the place, but they left the other day and I didn’t know what I was going to do. She never took me anywhere to see how the outside world is. Everything I know, I learned from books, and even that isn’t much.”

She sighs and nuzzles into me.

“I’m so glad you found me, Alexander. I was starting to get scared. I’d never met a man before, and when you walked in and I saw you standing there, I knew you’d come to rescue me.”

I lick the shell of her ear and kiss her just below it.

“If another man had seen you, I have no doubt he’d have tried to take what’s now mine.” Thrusting into her a little, I show her what I mean. “Men are primal, princess. Any man seeing you so young and sweet would have known your pussy was untouched and would have been clawing to get at you. They want a ripe little cunt like yours to sink their cocks into. You’re so beautiful and look so innocent, it’s their darkest fantasy. Having a teenager bouncing on their dicks and filling her with cum.” I feel her shiver, and I nibble on her shoulder. “But I’ve had you first, and you’ll be mine forever. No man will ever get near you.”

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