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“I don’t want any other man.” I hear the smile in her voice, and I can’t wait any longer. I have to take her again. One more time and then we can talk, then I can take care of her. Pulling out, I hate the loss of her cunt, but I roll Liliana on her back and then hover over her.

Kneeing her legs apart I slide back into her tight pussy. She moans when I fill her again, and I can’t help but feel like a god. Her god. I will own her and rule over her body for the rest of her life.

“You’re lucky I’m the one who found you, Liliana. No one will treat you better than I will. You’ll have everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more. All you have to do is ask and I’ll make it appear. You’ll be the one owning me, sweet girl.”

Her bright doe eyes look up at me and she grins. Her hands come up around my neck and she raises her hips in invitation for me to go deeper.

Leaning down, I press my lips to hers. Her sweet taste floods my senses, and I start to thrust. Her slender legs wrap around my waist and I think about how long it’s been since she’s eaten. She’s too thin and needs to gain weight. I’ll take care of that though. I’ll take care of everything.

Moving my mouth down her neck, I nibble and suck the soft skin as I go. When I get to her breasts and see her hardened nipples, I can’t help but take them in my mouth. I suck as much of them as I can in my mouth and lick all around it. Her body bucks under me at the sensation, her fingers digging into my back.

“Just once more, little one. I just need you once more and then I can take care of you.”

I lick back up her body and rut into her pussy, edging closer to my climax. She’s going to have marks all over her from my mouth and beard, but all it does is turn me on more. I don’t want anyone thinking she isn’t claimed, so I’ll make sure she’s covered. Breeding her will do that, too.

“Mine,” I growl into her neck, feeling her pussy clench at the word.


Her voice is just a whisper as she climaxes on me, clinging to my big body above hers. She shouts my name, and I thrust as far as I can one last time and empty a load of hot cum into her. Feeling each pulse pour inside her makes me grit my teeth. She’s unprotected and ripe, which means impregnating her will be so easy.

When I catch my breath, and balance myself on top of her so that my weight doesn’t crush her little body, I look down and brush a dark, glossy strand out of her face. Her arms come up to my chest and she pets me, like she wants to make sure I’m real, too.

“How about we get you cleaned up?”

I lean down and kiss the end of her nose, making her giggle. The sound is so innocent and sweet. It makes my cock twitch inside of her.

I wonder what that giggle would sound like with my cock in her mouth.

Chapter 6


Picking her up from the bed, I cradle her naked body in my arms.

I’d gotten out of bed and found a bathroom down the hall with an old clawfoot tub. It would be big enough for the two of us, but just barely. I filled it with warm water and some bath oils I found nearby.

When we reach the bathroom, I get in first and then help her step in. I have her sit down between my legs so that her back is to my chest. I grab a cloth and begin to rub it all over body, cleaning her and sating the beast inside me that wants her again. I need to let her heal a bit before I take her again. She’s probably sore, but her bath will help.

“How are you feeling, little one?” I slide my hand between her legs, cupping her pussy.

“Perfect,” she sighs, her head falling back onto my chest as a happy smile spreads across her face.

How can something feel so right so fast? I guess it’s like most things in my life. I always go for what I want. I trust my instincts; they have never steered me wrong. That’s how I’m a billionaire at my age.

“Do you like it here?” I push, wondering what will happen next. She’s been so closed off from the world, and it makes me wonder if she just wants to stay here or go out and see the world. Either way, it will be with me beside her. It’s funny how hours ago I was ready to rip this home apart. Now I’ll do anything to keep it standing if it’s what her little heart desires. If it keeps her giving me those sweet little smiles and giggles, I’ll do it.