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“Keep watching. I’m going to mark you. If I belong to you, then you belong to me.”

“Oh god.” I moan at his words.

“Say it,” he demands.

“I belong to you.” There is no hesitation from me to tell him that. I do belong to him.

“Mine!” he shouts. Possession flows through the room as I come undone once again. My body rides the orgasm as I watch his warm release spill onto my skin, marking me. I can’t pull my eyes away from the sight. I keep stroking, wanting more of his cum on me. His cock jerks in my hand and more cum shoots out onto me.

Orlando takes his hand from between my legs and brings it to my stomach, where he rubs his cum into my skin. It’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. When I look up at him my breath hitches. He looks like a warrior who just conquered a land.

That land being me. This man really does own me, and I have not one problem with that.

Chapter Nine


I smile as she twirls around my office in one of her new dresses. She smiles and laughs while she does it. I make a note to make the dresses a touch longer in the next order. I don’t like the idea of others seeing her like this, but for me I love it.

Right now it’s only us and Marta at the house. I’m going to have to let the other staff back soon, but I haven’t worked that out yet. I’m sure they are enjoying their paid leave. But this place takes a staff to maintain it. I’m still enjoying having her all to myself. Keeping my parents at bay has been hard enough. They aren’t as easily controlled as paid employees.

Besides, I’m still building a case against her grandfather. I decided killing him wasn’t the best option. If I got caught my little one would be taken from me and there would be no one to care for her. Though I’m starting to think she’s the one really caring for me.

I’ve never felt more alive in my life. The darkness has lifted from me. I know guilt should be weighing down on me, but it’s hard when she presses her body against mine, sits in my lap or does that little giggle that always makes the dimple in her left cheek peek out.

“We should go out today. I’m getting cabin fever,” she says when she stops spinning. Her pink dress drops back down, hiding her white silken panties from me. It takes me a moment to realize what she said. I was lost in the sight of her.

“You want to go out?” My gut tightens. She is still a missing person to the rest of the world.

“Why not? Some fresh air sounds nice, and the rain has finally stopped. Maybe we could go out to eat or something.” She strolls over to me and plops down in my lap. “Or are we too far out or something? Marta went to the store the other day and wasn’t gone too long.”

She looks up at me. Those chocolate eyes are my weakness. I see so much hope in her eyes that I can’t tell her no. “We’re in a small town right outside the city,” I tell her. Maybe nobody will notice her. They’ll be more focused on me. I know my scars can sometimes draw attention, and people aren’t used to me coming to town anymore. “I just normally don’t go out much.”

“Marta did mention you being a homebody. Not that I blame you. I love this place.” She turns a little so she’s straddling my thighs. She reaches her hand to my face and brushes my scars. “Is it the scars? Is that why you don’t leave home much?”

I lean in to her touch. “I don’t like being around a lot of people. It’s not that I care what they think of me,” I admit. “You never ask about them.” I search her face. She actually makes me forget about them most days. In fact, she makes me forget about almost everything. I have to make myself work. It used to consume my every thought. Not so much anymore.

Her eyes water. “Little one.” I pull her closer to me, her tears cutting me deep.

“I hate that I don’t remember what happened to you. It had to be something painful, and I’m your wife.” Her bottom lip wobbles. Fuck. There is the guilt I’ve been waiting for hitting me right in the chest.

“I forget about them, to be honest.” I lean in, brushing my lips against hers. “You make me forget they’re there.”

She gives me a half-smile. “I love that I can do that for you.”

“I love you.” It slips right past my lips. Her lips part in surprise for a moment. Then she is throwing her arms around me.