Page 20 of Labor of Love

“Best morning of my life,” I tell her. “Has been the best of my life every morning that I wake to see you in our bed.”

“Then I guess you’re going to be living a very good life because I’m not going anywhere.” She pulls me back down for a kiss. I love how generous she is with affection. I went from not wanting to be around people or even touched to craving it all from her.

“My turn,” I tell her as I move down her body, giving her the same pleasure she’d given me, but I make sure I bring her to multiple orgasms before I pull her from our bed to shower. I’d love nothing more than to spend the day in bed together, but there are things that need to be done.

When I open my bedroom door I grab all the bags Marta left outside. I bring them into our bedroom. Lucy comes strolling in from the closet a moment later. Her hair is wet and she’s wearing one of my shirts.

“What’s all that?” she asks.

“It’s everything you need for us to get married today.”

“Today?” she laughs, making me wonder if she was joking last night. I tense.

“I want wedding vows that you remember. You said—”

“I know what I said.” She turns and wraps her arms around my neck. “And I meant it. I just had no idea you’d make it happen so fast.” She smiles, giving me that dimple. I lean down and kiss it.

“Get ready. As you can see I’m already anticipating making it happen.” I give her ass a small smack and she giggles joyfully. God, I never get tired of the sound of her laughing. Every time, it makes my chest feel warm and full. That hollow filling that had been there is long gone.

I wink at her and go to the closet to get myself dressed in a suit. When I come back out she is pulling everything out of the bags and boxes. “Give me a kiss, little one, and then I’ll meet you downstairs.” She jumps to her feet and does as I ask.

I kiss her soft and sweet. A promise of what’s to come for her with a life with me. I will handle her with care, make up for the shitty life she was given before she was brought to me. I pull away from her. “See you downstairs, little one. Don’t make me wait long, or I’ll be back up here to get you.”

“I won’t make you wait if you stop making me wait.” She lifts an eyebrow.

“I’ll have you in all ways after the wedding.”

“Then I will be down as fast as I can.” I give her one last kiss and leave her to it. Downstairs, I smile when I see Judge Barnes. He’s early. Good. I’d put in a call to him last night after my little one had fallen asleep, and I laid some things out to him. He wasn’t completely happy about it all, but he owed my family a favor and I was calling it in. It helped that Judge Barnes was around when Kurt Lockwood fucked up and left a mess for everyone to clean up.

“I read over everything you sent me.” He shakes his head.

“If he really has some doctor willing to say she incompetent, then he can do whatever he likes with her. We don’t have solid proof of what he’s done to her,” I tell him, unable to keep the anger from my voice. “But if she’s married, then if he claims that bullshit, I’d be her power of attorney.”

“And she’s willing to marry you? With no memory of what happened before she came to be here?” He asks me the same question he’s asked ten times now. I haven’t told him she already thinks we’re married and this is something we’re doing because she doesn’t remember us doing it the first time around.

“Yes. You’ll see she is fully willing.”

He studies me for a moment. “You’re looking good, O. Happy.”

“I am.”

“Do your parents know you’re getting married today? I’d thought they’d be here,” he says.

“They’re traveling. When they get back we can do something with them to make up for it,” I tell him. He nods. We make idle talk for a few minutes. Barnes’ phone rings, interrupting us.

“I have to take this.” I nod as he steps away for a moment. I pull out my own phone and check my emails. I turn when I hear Lucy coming down the stairs. She always pulls my attention. Hell, even when she’s not near she has my attention.

The white dress swishes all around her as she descends the stairs. Her long dark hair flows behind her. I walk to her and she practically leaps into my arms when she reaches the last step. I catch her and twirl her around in circles, making her laugh.