Page 24 of Labor of Love

“See how tight you are? That’s only one finger.” He moves it in and out of me, his thumb circling my clit.

I raise my hips, wanting more. He gives it to me, slipping another finger inside of me. I moan his name. I’m unable to take my eyes off his face. His jaw is tight as he watches himself slide his fingers in and out of me.

He licks his lips as if wanting to taste me. Then he does, taking what he wants. The pure primal need within him is my undoing as I cum against his tongue, screaming out his name. He doesn’t stop, though. He keeps licking and sucking, pushing another orgasm on top of the last.

My back bows off the bed, my whole body feeling as if it’s tingling. I fall back onto the bed and close my eyes as Orlando trails kisses back up my body, not missing one spot on me.

When his breath brushes against my mouth, my eyes flutter open. His cock pushes a little inside of me. I gasp. Orlando’s mouth falls onto mine, kissing me slowly as he pushes further inside of me. I wrap my legs and arms around him.

“I’m sorry, little one,” he tells me. A sharp pain hits as he stills, fully sheathed. He rests his forehead against mine, words of love pouring from his lips. I can feel the strain of his body under my hands. I swear I think he might be shaking.

After a moment the pain falls away and all there is is Orlando and his sweet words. Him deep inside of me, his body caging mine, I’ve never felt closer to someone in my life. Whole and safe. A tear slips down my face.

Orlando kisses it. “Little one.”

His voice sounds so pained. His eyes search my face. He starts to pull out of me, but I hold on tighter to him. “Before now I never understood how people cried when there were happy. I get it now.” His face softens.

“Make love to me,” I tell him, lifting my hips. He growls at my movement and like always does as I ask, moving in and out of me, the pleasure mounting all over again.

“I didn’t think I’d fit inside your little body, but you were made for me. I should have known I’d fit into you perfectly.”

“Yes,” I moan. It is perfect. He slides his hand between us, his fingers going for my clit.

“Going to make you cum again. I want to feel it when I’m inside of you,” he growls.

“Together. We cum together. Make me yours.”

“Say it. Say you want me forever. Nothing will ever tear us apart.”

“Forever. You and me,” I say instantly. No hesitation.

“Mine,” he growls. The single word of possession sends me over the edge and makes me cum. I cry out his name, feeling his warm releases inside of me. He jerks on top of me and fills me deeply.

We lie there, his body pressing down on mine, our breathing heavy, the smell of our lovemaking filling the room.

Orlando rolls so I’m on top of him. His cock is still hard inside of me. If I didn’t feel his cum inside me, I would think maybe he hadn’t climaxed.

“I want more,” I tell him, sitting up all the way. He stares up at me and grabs my hips in a tight hold, his fingers digging into me.

“Maybe we should—” He’s cut off when I start to rock back and forth on him. His words turn into moans in pleasure. I know what he was going to say. Like always, he is worried about me.

“I want more,” I say again, smiling down at my handsome husband. And like always he gives me what I want.



“You got him?” I ask my parents as I stand from my chair. I want to go check on my wife. She’s taking too long for my liking. She said she’d be right back, and that was ten minutes ago. People will be arriving any moment now.

“Of course,” my mom says, her eyes trained on my four-year-old son who is splashing away in the shallow end of the pool. He looks over at me, giving me that same dimple his mama has. He’s even got her dark hair, but that’s where it ends. The rest of him is the spitting image of me. My chest still gets tight when I think about how my wife gave me a son. How she keeps filling my life with so much joy when I thought I’d live out a lonely existence before she came crashing into my life and jolted me back to life. “Taking your time. I’d love another grand baby.”

“Mom!” I yell, making my dad throw back his head and laugh. Jesus, my own mother is practically making me blush. I shake my head. Laughter follows behind me as I head in pursuit of my wife.