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“I like the sound of that.” Wrapping my arms around his neck, the smile I was missing comes back.

“I make furniture out in my workshop. I sell it to one of the dealers in town, but otherwise, I like to stay here.” His hand comes up, cupping my face. “Now I will want to stay here even more with my mate to take care of.”

Suddenly, something hits me, and I worry that we’ve made a mistake. “Bleu, what about pregnancy? We didn’t use anything.”

I’m not on any kind of birth control, and he sure as heck didn’t pull out. It never even occurred to me until just now. Then a wave of sadness flows over me. What if humans and shifters can’t breed? Will I never have a baby with my mate?

“Why would I use anything to stop a cub from growing in your belly? We should be lucky to have one. Maybe we will be blessed and have many.”

“We can have babies?” I hear the hope in my voice, and as crazy as this sounds, I want it to be real. I want it to be true. If there is one thing I’ve always wanted, it’s a family. A real one. Not like the one I had growing up.

“Yes. You are human, but you will carry our cubs. They will be able to shift like me.”

I feel the grin on my face growing bigger as I think about our little babies running around the cabin. I picture our lives together and what our future could hold.

“I like the look in your eyes.” His gold-rimmed eyes scan me with such tenderness.

“I like the life I see here with you.”

“Good. Then I don’t have to chase you in the woods.”

I feel him bury his face in my neck, and I let out a giggle as he growls. “Maybe you can pretend to chase me. That sounds kind of fun.”

The hard ridge of his cock rubs against my pussy, and my laugh turns into a deep moan. I feel tingly all through my body, as if my nerve endings are on high alert. I rub against Bleu’s big body, feeling the hair on his chest against my hard nipples.

His mouth moves down my neck to my aching breasts, and his hot mouth latches on. I raise my hips, welcoming him into me as the pleasure starts to race through my veins. When his cock is lined up perfectly, he’s hesitant to thrust in.

Reaching between us, I stroke his thickness until his hips buck forward and he’s entering me. I’m beyond full from his length and girth; not a single inch of space inside me goes unfilled. When he took me before, I felt a little pain at first from my virginity breaking, but he was so easy and slow that soon I was the one begging for more. Now that I’ve had him inside me, I know what to expect, but at this angle, he’s even deeper.

“Don’t hold back, Bleu. Harder.”

I feel his hesitation, and it’s as if I can read his mind. He’s trying to be careful with me, but I know he will give me what I want. He won’t ever deny me my pleasure.

“Yes, mate.”

He thrusts hard this time, and it makes me gasp out in pure ecstasy. The fullness of his aggressive body is almost too much for me. He’s rutting on top of me like his animal is here in his place, and for some reason that makes me even wetter.

His perfect strokes hit me in exactly the right spot, and it only takes me minutes before I’m tensing under him as my orgasm rolls over me. It’s deep and fierce, and I cling to Bleu as he growls into my neck. When I feel his teeth on my skin, I orgasm a second time, the pleasure almost too much.

His hot seed fills my body and I writhe with joy. Somewhere in my heart, I want a baby to take hold. I want to be connected to him in every way, and I want it now.

No more waiting for my life to start. I’m going to grab ahold of him and the life that I want and make it happen. I’ve let too many things pass me by, and I’ll be damned if this gets away.

Chapter Nine


I watch Lola as she works on her laptop, clicking away at a speed that can’t be human. Her eyes are trained on the screen in concentration. I let out a growl, perturbed that she can’t seem to take her eyes away from it. The sound makes her eyes come to me as a smile pulls at her lips. My growl stops instantly once I have her attention on me, and she just shakes her head and goes back to clicking away.