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I hold her tightly to me, wanting to feel every curve of her body. I push her back against the wall, and I can tell by the smell of her desire that she’s ready for me. It fills the air, making my nostrils flare and my hunger to be inside of her uncontrollable.

I need inside her. Now.

Reaching between us, I free my cock, yanking her shirt up roughly. I pull the panties she has on to the side and slide right into her. Her little body is always ready to take me. Her legs always parting to give us what we both need.

I growl into her mouth as I plunge in and out of her. My tongue matches the movements. Her fist-tight pussy grips me in a possessive hold. I start moving faster, pounding deep into her cervix with each hard thrust. I want to fill her there. The pleasure is almost more than I can take. I want to get lost and to let myself go over the edge, but I want to watch her go first.

When I feel her contract around me, I pull my mouth from her, wanting to hear the sounds of her pleasure as she cums while I drive in and out of her.

She screams my name, her body jerking under mine, but I don’t stop. I want another one. Her eyes start to fall closed, her lush lips parting. I bend a little, nipping her at my mate mark, making her jerk away.

“Another,” I demand.

“I don’t think I can.”

I growl, knowing I’ll get it. I wonder how many times I can make her cum before I do.

Chapter Ten


We’ve fallen into a comfortable rhythm, Bleu and I. It’s been a little over a month since he saved me, and it’s been the most wonderful time of my life. Every morning I wake up wrapped in his arms, and we spend our days side by side. I sit at the desk he made me in his woodworking shop and take care of our businesses. I answer his emails and try to put requests on the books, but he fills up so fast now.

“You’ve got three more requests for the sweetheart bench.”

I smile at him over the laptop and he grunts as he goes back to what he was doing. He made us a bench to cuddle on for the front porch, and I posted a picture of it online. But as soon as the first request came in for one, he said no. That was meant for me, and no one else would have it. I have the picture on the website showing his craftsmanship, but people keep trying to buy it.

Checking my emails, I sort through the junk and follow up with clients. When the email I’ve been waiting on pops up, I start to smile but bite my lip to keep from doing so.

“Bleu, I’m getting kind of hungry.”

It’s all I have to say and he pops up from what he’s doing and walks towards the house without a word. It’s kind of funny how he does that, but I can’t help but love it. All I have to do is mention one little thing about wanting to eat and he’s bringing me a giant plate of food.

As soon as I hear the door click shut, I’m in motion. It’s taken me all week to set this in place, and I want it to be absolutely perfect. I scurry around the shop, getting it ready, and just as I finish I hear him wiggle the doorknob.

I dart behind my desk, and I’m thanking my lucky stars I didn’t trip along the way, or it would have sent Bleu running. I try to control my breathing and act calm as he strides in with a tray of snacks for us. I say “us” because there’s enough for ten people, but he thinks this is how much I should eat.

“Here you go, my mate.” He kisses me on the lips as he places the food in front of me.

I pull up a blank page on my computer and type random letters and words, trying to look busy as he goes back to work. After just a second he makes a noise and I stop typing. I look out from behind my computer and pretend not to notice anything is wrong.

“Thanks for the snack. I was starting to feel weak,” I joke, but he doesn’t look up. “Everything okay, Bleu?” Trying to keep my tone even is an effort.

“Just looking at the requests you left for me. It’s odd, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten asked to do one of these before.”

I stand up and casually walk over to where he is standing, holding several pieces of paper in his hand. Each week I print out the requests for him, and he picks and chooses what he feels like doing next, and then I schedule it on the calendar.