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“Which one is it? There were so many I didn’t really get a good look at them all.”

He looks at me and then looks back to the paper. “This one on top.”

I move beside him and take the paper from his hands. I know this image well. I searched for days to find the perfect one.

“Oh, how pretty.” I hand him the paper underneath the picture. It’s a printout of the email I just got. He takes it from me, and I make a humming sound as I look at the picture. “Maybe you could do one for practice first.”


Looking up, I see Bleu’s gaze is glued to the paper in front of him. I give him another moment to let it register, and I stand there with the biggest grin on my face, waiting for it to click.

“Lola. Is this…does this mean…?” He stammers over his words and then looks to me with big watery eyes.

I start to cry, immediately moved by his expression, and just nod my head. He drops the email from the shifter doctor I saw two days ago confirming I’m six weeks pregnant with our bear cub, and scoops me up in his arms.

“A baby? We’re going to have a baby?”

“Yes,” I say in a thick voice as he buries his face in my neck.

I can feel the joy rolling over him in waves, because it passes to me as well. Last week when we’d gone into town to drop off some orders, we went next door to see the clan doctor and get a checkup. I’d told Bleu it was to make sure I was okay to have children, but I had suspected I was already pregnant. I slipped the doctor a note when Bleu wasn’t looking and explained I wanted to surprise him. Thankfully, she played along, and as we were leaving she said she would email me with some follow-up questions.

I feel his lips on my neck and then he’s looking into my eyes. The gold is swimming in tears of joy, and I swear I could almost burst from happiness in this moment. His mouth comes down on mine, and the sweet kiss turns passionate in half a second. Suddenly, I’m being laid out on one of his woodworking tables and he’s slipping off my leggings. He’s hurriedly unbuckling his jeans and getting his cock inside me as fast as he can.

When he enters me, I’m wet and ready like I always am for him. I moan at his thickness and look up into his eyes. His big hand rests on my lower belly as he eases in and out of me. His face is tender, but there’s still the raw need there, too. His passion shows as we couple and celebrate the next chapter in our lives.

He makes me cum three times on that table before he finally carries me to the house. But not before he grabs up the picture of the baby crib I had printed out and given to him. I knew this would be the first of many things he would make for our little cub, and I’m sure he’ll start working on it the second he lets me out of bed.



Three months Later…

I dance around the kitchen letting my new dress flare out all around me. I’ve never been much of a dress girl, but with my baby belly it’s much easier to wear them, and they’ve grown on me. Not to mention my mate loves them, too. I’ve even developed the small habit of not wearing panties under them when we’re at home. It drives him crazy in the best of ways.

I pick up one of the cookies I just iced and take a big bite. I moan at the delicious taste. My addiction to icing has gone to all-new levels. I lick my lips thinking about how I could lick this off my mate. My body starts to tingle at the idea. All the different places I could put it on him… It would drive him crazy. I smile thinking about it.

I bounce toward the door when I hear a car come up the driveaway. He was faster than I thought he’d be. Bleu had to run to town to pick some stuff up from the store and drop off a delivery. I’ve now banned myself from going to the store because I can’t stop myself from trying to buy everything, and Bleu is no help in the matter. He just encourages me, telling me I need to get bigger. Getting bigger right now is not something I need help with. Shifter babies develop faster than human babies, and I already look like I’m full term. Which I pretty much am for a shifter baby.

I swing the door open, ready to throw myself at my mate, but freeze when I see a man I don’t recognize standing there.