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When I go out to the living room, I’m careful to remove her panties while she remains covered before I pick her up and carry her to my bed, tucking her in under the thick blankets and watching her settle into sleep.

I sit on the edge of the bed and brush a few strands of hair away from her face. She looks young, maybe late teens, early twenties. Her round cheeks are finally starting to show some color and she’s stopped shivering. As my fingers stroke her cheek, she lets out a long sigh and snuggles into the covers more deeply.

She’s so tiny and fragile. She needs someone to take care of her. Maybe that’s what brought her here. I could protect her easily. She is so small, I could just carry her around with me everywhere. No one would dare to even look at her.

The storm is howling outside now, and I’m so thankful that I found her when I did. Had she been out there another hour, she would have surely died. There’s no telling how long this storm will go on, so she’ll have to stay here until it passes. And then she can leave.

Maybe she doesn’t have to leave.

The thought of keeping her flows through my mind, and I sit there, letting it play out in my head. How it would be to keep her for my very own. Having a curvy little thing like her to warm my bed at night.

I leave her there and go to the living room, picking up her soaked clothes off the floor and hanging them in front of the fire to dry.

Looking at the panties, I turn around to make sure no one is watching. I know that I’m alone, and the woman is in the next room sleeping, but this somehow seems sneaky. Picking them up, I bring them to my nose and inhale. The little cub-covered panties smell like her sweet pussy, and I growl into them.

I shouldn’t be doing it, but the scent has my mouth watering and my hand going down the front of my pants. I grab my thick cock and feel it pulse as the scent of her sweetness makes my inner bear ache with need. We won’t go to her, and we won’t take what she isn’t willing to give. But my bear and I can sit here by the fire, smelling her pussy and thinking of all the things we would do to the little blonde in our bed.

Chapter Three


I wake up warm and comfortable, my eyes heavy like I’ve been sleeping for days. I try to reach up and rub them, but my arms are pinned. I’m stuck in the car. The thought hits me hard, taking me back to the slide down the hill. The pure fear that rushed through my body, being trapped with no escape.

My eyes fly open in panic, and I’m looking up at a wooden ceiling. The room is lit by a small fire in the fireplace. I lick my dry lips and try to remember how I got here. There was a man. A giant man. He pulled me from the car and carried me here.

I wiggle, freeing my arms, and that’s when I notice I’m naked. Sitting up, I take a better look around the room. Everything is wooden: the walls, ceiling, and floor. The walls look like they’re made out of wooden logs. It’s rustic. Even the giant bed I’m in looks like someone hand-carved it.

Getting up from the bed, I wrap a blanket around myself. My knees almost give out, but I catch myself on the end of the nightstand. I hear a loud crash from somewhere in the cabin, then I hear what sounds like a freight train heading towards me.

The door bursts open, and the biggest man I’ve ever seen in my life is standing in the doorway with a look of panic on his face. I feel like I should be the one with that look. In three long steps he’s in front of me, picking me up. I squeak as he puts me back down on the bed.

“You’re going to hurt yourself.” His voice is deep and gruff, and I know I’ve heard it before. He must have talked to me. I can remember dipping in and out, and each time I’d hear his voice whispering to me. His hand brushing my face. “I’ll keep you safe. Nothing will hurt you when I have you,” he’d said. And I believed him.

He starts running his hands over me like he’s checking me to make sure I’m uninjured. He pulls part of the blanket off me, and I should protest because I’m naked, but all I can do is stare at him.

His hair is a dark chocolate brown and looks like it might be due for a trim. Or maybe he’s just been running his hands through it a lot, making it look messy. Even on his knees next to the bed as I sit on the side, he’s still taller than me. Wow. This guy is freaking ginormous.