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I growl low in my throat, and I try to cover it with a cough. She has no idea what I am, but she’s not going anywhere. She’ll find out soon enough, but she’s mine no matter what.

I bring over the tray of food and set it down in front of her. I see her eyes grow wide with shock.

“Wow. That’s a lot of food.”

Looking down, I see the bowl of soup, sandwich, fruit, chicken, potatoes, and bread.

“You have been asleep for a long time. You need your strength. Eat.”

“Maybe just the soup to start with. I’d like to warm up a bit.”

She takes the bowl in her hands and tips it to her mouth, drinking the broth first. I go over to the fire and throw some more logs on top of the pile, making sure she’s getting enough heat.

I can show her what a good mate I can be. I will care for her like no other, and she’ll want to stay. That’s my plan. To make her dependent on me and to show her that I’m willing to do whatever it takes to please her.

When I walk over to where she’s seated, I stand there watching her drink the soup.

“This is really good. Thank you so much for rescuing me.” She looks up at me and then looks away as if she’s shy. “Why don’t you sit down?”

I realize then that maybe my standing over her is making her uncomfortable. So I kneel down in front of the couch.

She lets out a small laugh, and it makes me feel warm all over. Like when my bear gets to go play in the water. It’s as if I’m happy all over.

“Are you going to kneel there and watch me eat?”


“So where am I? How far did you carry me from my car?”

“About four miles.”

When the bowl stops before it reaches her lips and she raises an eyebrow, I explain.

“I have good hearing. And you’re not heavy.”

“My car must have made a really loud noise,” she says.

After she takes another sip, she looks at me and then leans closer, as if to share a secret.

“You know, I hear there are shifters in these woods.”

She looks around the room as if to spot one. Little does she know there’s one kneeling in front of her.

“Really? You heard that?”

She nods her head and takes another sip, but I can see the excitement in her eyes. “Yes. It’s the reason I was coming this way. I was hoping to run into one. Maybe find out what they’re like.”

“Why?” I growl the question, thinking of her taking another shifter male. The thought of her wanting someone else makes me want to prove how much stronger and better I am than everyone else.

She shrugs her shoulder and sets the now empty bowl down. She picks up a piece of fruit. “I don’t know. My life, um, kind of sucked where I was, and I was looking for a change.” She bites her lip as if nervous about what to tell me. “I guess I thought something magical might be just what I needed. I know that sounds silly.”

“It’s not silly,” I interject. She can want whatever she likes. I’ll be the one to give it to her.


The smile she gives me makes me want to tell her she found a shifter, but maybe she isn’t ready for that yet. But I like seeing her smile.

I watch her nibble on the fruit until she says she’s finished. Then I stand and pick her up in my arms.

“Bleu, what are you doing?”

“Bath. You need a soak.”

When I pick her up, her legs go around my waist again, and I feel her naked heat pressing against my loose shorts. There isn’t much keeping her pussy from me, and the thought of breeding her makes my cock lengthen and harden.

Lowering her a little so I can feel her heat against me, I hear a little gasp leave her lips. I’m sure she knows what it is, but she doesn’t say anything as I carry her to the bathroom.

Once inside, I set her down on the counter and take a step back. She looks down at the obvious tent in the front of my loose shorts, but I don’t say anything. It’s only natural that my body would respond to hers in this way. She’s the most beautiful woman in the world, so it must be pretty common for males to have erections around her.

I reach around to turn on the water for the tub. It’s a giant log that’s been hollowed out, and it’s big enough for even me to stretch out in. I add some fresh lavender to the water to help her relax, and then I lumber back to where she’s sitting. I reach for the hem of my shirt and pull it over her head.