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“Evening, Sheriff. What can we do for you?” He looks genuinely surprised to see me, and I shouldn’t be shocked Josephine didn’t tell him I was coming over.

Butch stands there waiting on a response, but my jaw is clenched too tight to speak. I’m seconds away from tackling him to the ground when Josephine walks around the corner.

I nearly stop breathing as she walks towards us, my heart beating out of my chest.

“Damn, Joey. Who died?”

“Eat a bag of dicks, Butch.” She walks past him, pulling the door closed behind her, and stands on the porch. She looks at me expectantly, but I still can’t speak. I blink a few times and try to focus.

“Well, my earlier plan was a waste,” I mumble, thinking that jerking off twenty minutes ago was completely worthless. My dick is at full attention and trying to bust out of my slacks.

“What was that?”

“I said, you look utterly gorgeous, Josephine.” Her cheeks blush at my compliment as my eyes roam over her body. She’s wearing a fifties-style pinup outfit with a high-waisted pencil skirt that’s tight to her body. A white, button-up, short-sleeve blouse and shiny red peep-toe heels finish off her look. Her ink-black hair is pinned to one side, and her lips are lacquered in the same shade as her shoes. She looks like she should be laid across the front of a plane, motivating soldiers in World War II. Her dark eyes look up at me through her thick lashes, and I’m literally breathless at how beautiful she is.

“Are you ready?” she whispers, and I have no idea what she’s talking about.

Leaning in, I find my words, pulling her against my hard body, “I think I should be asking you that question, love. Because with the way you’re dressed and the way you’re looking at me, you’re going to have to try to keep me off you.”

I expect her to pull away, upset by my crude words, but instead, she leans in closer. “What if I don’t want to keep you off me?”

She licks those shiny red lips, and I’ve had all I can stand. Reaching down, I snatch her wrist and pull her behind me to my cruiser. I’m nearly dragging her, but my need is too strong, and I can’t wait.

Taking her to the passenger side, I open the door and silently help her into the car. When I go around to the driver’s side, I get in and crank up the car, driving away from her townhouse.

“Where are we going?” she whispers, and I can hear the slight need in her voice.

“My place. I’ve waited long enough.”

I hear her laugh, and I look over to see her lean back in the passenger seat. Her legs are together, but the slit on the skirt goes all the way up her thigh, making me grip the wheel harder.

“This is our first date, and you’re saying you’ve waited long enough?”

I look back to the road and hit the gas. I can’t get home soon enough. “You know damn well this has been coming.”

Suddenly, I feel her warm hand on my thigh, and I reach down and put my hand on top of hers. I look over and see her lick her full red lips. She’s got the prettiest mouth I’ve ever seen, with lips like something out of a magazine. I can’t wait to ruin her lipstick. I can see the shyness in her eyes, and I know reaching out to me was a bold move for her. She’s usually so tough, but tonight she’s giving in and letting her guard down. I want to show her how good it can be between us, so I push her a little further.

Gripping her hand slightly, I pull it over so her palm is resting on my hard cock. The heat from her palm nearly burns me through my slacks as she rubs her fingers along the ridge of my dick. I press her hand harder against me, and she grips me firmly. It’s all I can do to keep the car on the road as I turn down the long driveway to my house.

I bought this cabin when I moved back, opting not to stay on the family estate. My dad had a few choice words about it, but fuck him. This place is beautiful. It’s a big cabin that sits just outside of town on a small lake. I bought this house the week after I first laid eyes on Josephine.

“Holy shit, this is your place?” She loosens her grip on my cock but doesn’t take her hand away. “That garage is sick.” There’s a little wonder in her voice as she sees the four-bay garage off to the right of the cabin.

“Yeah, apparently this used to be a hunting lodge, and they had the garage for guests. I had the inside of the place renovated, but kept the garage as is.”

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